Thought you might enjoy a post from Katrina which dovetails nicely with my post yesterday:”The Energy of Cleaning Out the Closet.”

Freedom to a Full Life

I am borderline OCD sometimes. I love to declutter the house, especially closets and kitchen cabinets. I also tend to throw things away prematurely because of the OCD issue. However, I don’t look at this as a fault, its just part of who I am. I really enjoy decluttering my brain. I love to clean out those closets and get everything straightened up and looking really clean, neat and in order. Okay, right now many of you are asking ‘what?’

Our brains store everything. Every emotion, feeling, idea, impression, everything we see, hear, feel, smell, it’s all stored in our brain somewhere. When we sleep, our subconscious tells us what is most on our minds at that time. We may not think we are ruminating on the things which pass through at night, yet we are. This is why sleep is so important. Our conscious mind has to sleep, i.e…

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