The Energy of Cleaning Out the Closet

I’m new to blogging, although I’ve been a professional writer for a number of years. What I’m loving about the “Discipline of the Blog” is that there is a very Zen-like quality to writing regularly. Before starting my blog, I read several short books on how to do it effectively and I found that, pretty much without exception, the guidance from the most successful bloggers is this: stay focused on some particular topic.

Since I’m teaching energy healing, these days, I decided to focus my blog on energy in all of its aspects. Now I will admit that since energy is the basis for all of what we call “reality” here in the time-space continuum, that’s a pretty broad topic. However, I’m enjoying the thought processes that go into reframing many of my daily activities as a way of explaining energy and vibration for the blog. And, those of you who blog regularly can relate to what I’m starting to discover – the blog needs care and feeding (ooooh, another blog topic related to energy!).

So anyway, after returning from a fabulous weekend trip with Peter I started unpacking, and decided to get rid of some clothes in my closet that I haven’t worn in awhile. I bought a new outfit while I was away and realized that I literally had no more room in my closet for it. The decision to work on the closet has been percolating for a few weeks with spring coming and the fact that I was having trouble finding things in there – I noticed this when I was packing to leave for the aforementioned trip! So it’s time…

Have you noticed how good it feels to clean out old stuff that you’ve been hanging onto? To decide to let it go and in so doing, make room for new things to come into your life? That old jacket that I haven’t worn in years could be the vintage piece of clothing that a college student loves. Or I can gift it to an organization that provides business clothes to single moms for job interviews. It a great jacket, it’s just that my tastes have changed over the years and I don’t wear it anymore

Energy is all about movement. When my closet is too full, things in there become stagnant, wrinkled, hidden. By making space and releasing the old that no longer serves me, I can create the space for the new to come to me.

I once heard someone say that the Universe abhors a vacuum. I’ve always loved that phrase. By creating the vacuum of an empty closet (or at least a less full closet), I invite the vibration of the new into my life and the energy moves…Whether it’s clothes, beliefs, relationships, or anything else that has been hanging around too long, I invite you to make space for the Universe to fill it. I think you’ll be glad you did.


©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Harmony Equals Health – Part One

In an earlier post (Do You Resonate?), I talked about fundamental resonance – that is, when two oscillating structures have the same natural frequency, it takes very little energy to influence them to vibrate together. In today’s post, I want to talk about another kind of resonance that I think is much more commonly seen with living organisms.

Harmonic resonance happens when the natural frequencies of oscillators are proportional to each other. In the diagram below, you can see how this works. The top string is vibrating at it’s fundamental frequency where the second string is vibrating at a harmonic frequency two times that of the fundamental frequency. Then three times, four times and so on. This drawing actually represents what are called harmonic nodes. When you pluck the string in the very center, it will vibrate at it’s fundamental frequency, but when you pluck it a fourth of it’s length from the end, it will vibrate two times faster.

Photo courtesy Flickr Creative Commons. Some rights reserved by Ethan Hein

If you have separate structures that vibrate proportionately to each other, they are said to be in harmony. Music is one of easiest ways to appreciate harmonic resonance. Most of us can easily tell when one instrument in a band is out of tune with the other instruments. So, for our purposes right now, just think of structures being in tune with each other as a harmonized system.

But what does this have to do with the body and energy healing? Well, we have many different kinds of oscillators in our bodies. And the natural frequencies of these oscillators go from relatively slow to very fast. As a general rule, the smaller the structure, the faster it oscillates. Here’s a list of just a few of these oscillators:

  • The whole human body 7.5 – 8 cycles per second
  • Breath – 12 breaths per minute
  • Heart – 70 beats per minute
  • Cell – 103 Cycles per second
  • Molecule – 109 Cycles per second
  • Atom – 1015 Cycles per second
  • Atomic Nucleus – 1022 Cycles per second

So here’s a very simplified theory about harmonic resonance in the body: When oscillators vibrate in harmony with each other – basically in phase – the system tends to cruise along in a state of natural health. When they get out of phase, the body can eventually manifest illness. Events that can produce disharmony are physical trauma, surgeries, emotional trauma, chronic stress, and substance abuse among many others.

The good news is the body wants to be healthy and it wants to maintain its normal harmonic rhythms. And when it does get out of balance, given the right kinds of information, it can return to a state of harmony. I think we often know when we’re out of balance and I think that the more we become aware of the factors that influence harmonic resonance – either for good or bad – we can avert physical illness before it manifests outwardly.

Please share a comment about some event in your life that took you out of Harmony. What did you do to get it back?

In Harmony Equals Health, Part Two – I’ll be talking more about the ways that powerful healing frequencies like those provided through Divine Openings Healing can help to restore vibrational harmony in the body.



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Food Vibes and a Meditation for the Senses

I love good food.  I love to cook it and I love to eat it.  I once dumped a guy after two dates when I offered to cook him dinner. As I was preparing to saute onions for a cajun dish, he turned up his nose and said “No onions, they make me crazy!” Huh? What do you mean they make you crazy? Are you allergic? “No, they just make me crazy!” That was our last date…How can anyone not like sauteed onions? Well, maybe I was a little harsh, but I don’t think it would have worked out anyway. On that same date, he took me to the Hialeah Race Track and taught me how to handicap horses. I picked the winning horse, but he bet on it to show. Have I mentioned yet that I’m psychic?

Food is such a sensual part of our human experience. It helps to define cultures; it’s probably safe to say that food is a distinctive component of all cultures around the world. It serves to bring people together. Sharing a meal is one of the most basic and powerful ways to share of oneself.

So what is it about the energy around food? Yes, I could go into the whole thing about tastebuds and the five known tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami). Yes, I could explain the vibrations of the food molecules and how they interact with our nose and tongue.  But I’m not going to. I’d just say that I think the attention we give our food is symbolic of how we feel about ourselves.

At home, I take great care in preparing my food. Peter and I cook together most nights. Sometimes he plans the meal, sometimes I do. We both chop and slice, we both cook at the stove, grill or oven. We both clean up. It’s our time together after work, a special time to talk, taste and nourish ourselves – a reward after a long day.

When I go into a restaurant, I’d like to think that I can feel the energy coming from a well-prepared dish. And I try to spend a few moments looking at it, enjoying the textures, colors and smells before I even taste it. Only after I’ve used my other senses, do I allow myself that first bite.

What does this have to do with energy healing? Well, all feeling, including the “common” senses, are about emitting and picking up vibration. So paying attention to them sparks our sensory awareness and helps us to use those senses while we’re doing the healing.

So when you sit down (and please do sit down!) to your next meal, I’d suggest the following: Feel the vibration of your food before you take your first bite. Appreciate all of the people that participated in getting it to you – the farmers, shippers, wholesalers, stores, chefs – however it made it to that plate in front of you. As you take your first bite, allow yourself to truly taste. Is it salty, sweet, savory – a hint of bitter? Those are the vibrations of the food and the events that made it possible to get it there. As you swallow, invite the food to gently assimilate into your body, nourishing the organs and cells. Stop and take a breath between bites. Put down your fork a few times – make it a rich and powerful experience…and let me know how it goes.

©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Do You Resonate?


Anything that vibrates (an oscillator) has a natural frequency. A vibration is basically a wave of energy – like a sine wave – and the speed that the wave changes direction from up to down through a full cycle is its frequency. Here’s the key: when the natural frequencies of oscillators are the same, it’s easy to transfer energy between them.

If you have two guitars sitting in the same room and they’re tuned alike, when you pluck, say, the A string on one, the A string on the other guitar will vibrate. This is called acoustic resonance. The energy of the sound wave generated by the first guitar travels through the air, contacts the second guitar and since both strings are tuned to the same natural frequency, the second one will vibrate too.

Another kind of resonance – mechanical resonance – shows up in many ways. When you push a child on a swing, if you time your push in phase with the swing, they will go higher – that’s because of the natural resonance of the pendulum. Breaking a crystal glass by exposing it to a specific sound pitch, the natural resonance of the glass, is another. And engineers have to pay strict attention to the natural resonance of buildings and bridges as part of their design process. If they don’t the structure they have designed can shatter – just like the glass – if it happens to be exposed to its natural resonant frequency from outside forces such as wind or earthquakes.

So how does it feel when you resonate with someone? How does it feel when you’re resisting them? And can you adjust your frequency (like that of the guitar) to resonate with someone better when you’re trying to understand them?


©Cathy Ulrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Energy: It’s All About Vibration!

I love the old Beach Boys song “Good Vibrations.”  While enjoying the catchy tune and the fun lyrics, have you ever really thought about what “good vibrations” means? I think, intuitively, we all have a pretty good idea.

Often on a subconscious level, we get a sense about someone – whether they’re happy, trustworthy, having a bad day, etc. How do we do that? I think we’re picking up their vibration.

Humans emit electromagnetic frequencies. Just like a radio transmitter, we all produce specific frequencies that make us unique. It’s our own energy signature. And this signature is an average of all the vibrations from our skin all the way down to the subatomic particles in our bodies. Since everything vibrates, our signature is literally comprised of the vibrations of our organs, cells, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. And again, each of these vibrating structures has its own specific frequency.

The frequencies of the kidneys are different from those of the liver. The frequencies of kidney cells are different from those of brain cells. The frequency of a carbon atom is different from that of a hydrogen atom. And the frequency of an electron is different from that of a proton. It’s like a language that determines the shape, size and property of that particular thing.

Our thoughts and feelings produce electromagnetic frequencies too – they vibrate. So when someone is happy, they produce a very different frequency than someone who is sad or angry. Not only can we pick up body language and facial expressions, we will literally feel the vibration of emotion coming from another person. So the next time you’re picking up “Good Vibrations” from someone, stop, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to soak up the feeling. It’s quite palpable and it’s a good way to fine-tune your vibration receptors. And doing this actually sharpens your vibrations to do healing later.

I’ll be talking in later blogs about how our vibrations can lead to health or illness and I’ll be discussing how my particular discipline, Energy Healing, interacts with the vibrations of the body to encourage it to balance – which outpictures as health.



©Cathy Ulrich and LargeSelf, 2012

What is Energy Healing?

I think there are many misconceptions about what has popularly been labelled “Energy Healing.” While it has been around for a long time, very few people understand what is actually happening during and after a healing. Often attributed to great masters, saints and spiritual leaders, Energy Healing has now become more of a mainstream practice where nurses, massage therapists and specialists in energy work treat clients regularly.

For some, an energy session feels relaxing, but nothing more.  For others, it can be quite profound with seemingly miraculous cures for serious illness and disease. I have even witnessed structural changes from my own Energy Healing work.

In this blog, I’m going to post articles about some of the things we know about the science of Energy Healing, and my understanding of how energy therapies work. I’ll also review recent books and movies on the topic. And I’ll be telling stories of some of my sessions using Divine Openings Healing.

Next: It’s all about Vibration

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