Meeting Peter – A Story in Two Parts or The Law of Attraction at Work

Part One

A Brief Introduction

After my last post about the Law of Attraction, Molly Player (How to Get Happy) commented that she would love to read of one of my stories about my experiences with the “Law.” Thanks, Mollie!  Since the “Law” is always working, it’s a little complicated to discuss a single story, but I do think that there are times when we’re more aware of it than others. We’re always pointing our magnet towards that on which we focus our thoughts…But here is one of my favorite stories.

After the Divorce

About three years after my divorce, I went on a ski trip to Vail with my sister, Becky. I had been living in Miami for 13 years, and after the end of my marriage, I decided it was time to leave Florida. It never felt like home. I was drawn to the West. I loved Colorado, but was also attracted to Northern Arizona and New Mexico. I owned a private Physical Therapy practice in Miami and my plan had been to put my practice up for sale after I got back from that ski trip with Becky. Once it was sold, I planned to use some of the proceeds to travel and pick a place to live.

As far as relationships went, I was content to be single. After the divorce I dated several men – all short-term encounters, all ending mostly badly. After the last one ended I realized that they were basically all the same person – unavailable emotionally, critical of me, abusive in their own way –  just in different bodies – my husband and further back than that, my Dad. (Hint: Law of Attraction was working here big time!). I knew that I was attracting something to myself, but didn’t know how to change it, so I decided to try counseling. I found a wonderful therapist who helped me identify and change my beliefs about myself and the men in my life. My therapist, Angela, showed me how to raise my vibration to the point where I was happy with myself and, while it would be nice to share my life with a partner, I didn’t need one to be happy. So after about 18 months of therapy, I was in that space when Becky and I went skiing.

Our First Day Skiing in Vail

On our first day out, we were standing at the base of the ski area looking up the mountain and wondering where to start. A resort volunteer noticed our confused expressions. Vail is HUGE and it was our first time skiing in Colorado. He suggested that we pick an easy run higher up the mountain since it was spring and the snow would be better, so we looked at a map and picked a run at the top of the mountain on the opposite side of the resort. We rode three lifts to get there! We never questioned why we were doing this. We just both, somehow, decided that that was where we needed to go.

On our very first run down (are you ready for this?) Lost Boy, I became aware of two guys skiing near us. The tall one was wearing a gray and blue ski outfit. He was obviously a very good skier, while his friend was less adept. Their progress was similar to mine and Becky’s. I’m quite a bit faster than she is, so I ski down the hill and then wait for her to catch up. Then I go again. Stopping to wait for Becky, I noticed the tall guy was stopping near me to wait for his friend and as we progressed down the hill, he would stop a little closer, and then a little closer still. It felt like he was checking me out. This went on for a couple of runs. When we got to the bottom after our second run, they were waiting for us and asked if we wanted to ride the lift up together.

We ended up skiing with Peter and Ken all day. Peter, the tall one, was single, Ken married. I loved Peter’s sense of humor and his kind, gentle manner. Towards the end of the day, a bizarre snow thunderstorm hit. We had to wait at the bottom of the ski lift for some time until it was safe to get on the lift (because of lightening). Once we got to the top of the mountain, we were told to take the shortest route down and get off the mountain.

Peter stayed in back and made sure that we all made it safely down, which was the on the opposite side of Vail from the condo where Becky and I were staying. So after an apres ski beer, Peter gave us a ride back to the condo. When we parted, we exchanged business cards. He said he had really enjoyed the day and would love to get together again, sometime. I really liked him but didn’t have any expectations of hearing from him. And that was okay…

To read part two click here



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

6 comments on “Meeting Peter – A Story in Two Parts or The Law of Attraction at Work

  1. I enjoy reading about people who has experienced the “La w of Attraction” and share how they put it in motion. I think this is a topic that really needs to be discussed more often.


  2. zari says:

    My dear Cathy I love to read what you write specially this magical story, I love you both so much and I am so happy that you found eachother in nature 🙂 among the pure white snow.


  3. […] and I met skiing twenty years ago (yes, on the lift) and we still share our passion. Here’s the post about that story if you’re interested. We buy a season pass and try to go up every Friday to one […]


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