Meeting Peter – A Story or The Law of Attraction at Work – Part Two

Here is the conclusion of “Meeting Peter.” If you haven’t read the first part, you might want to do it now. Just click here.

Part Two

The next morning, as Becky and I were sitting in our condo watching “The Today Show” and eating breakfast, the phone rang. Becky picked it up. “Hello?” Her eyes then fixed on me with a big grin. “Oh, hello Peter. Sure, here she is.”

Me: “Hello?”

Him: “Hi. I just wanted you to know that I had a great time yesterday. I would love to see you again before you go back to Florida. Any chance you could spend an extra day here? I could meet you on Saturday in Denver when Becky flies out and take you back to the airport on Sunday.”

Me: “Uuuh. Not sure. Let me think about it. Can I let you know tomorrow?”

Him: “Sure. I leave for work around 8:30. I’ll look forward to your call.”

I thought about Peter off and on all that day. I wasn’t sure what to do. I really liked him, but to use an old euphemism, “I didn’t know him from Adam.” My sense was that he was a great guy, but I didn’t know. As I went to sleep that night, I decided to turn it over to the Divine and I knew that some answer would come to me…

I was awakened and practically knocked out of bed by a LOUD voice in my head saying “Call Continental!” Now, dear reader, do realize that I am not typically clairaudient. And I don’t hear things that aren’t there. So this voice definitely got my attention. I said: “Okay, so I’ll call Continental.”

Becky was already up and in the living room eating breakfast. “I know you’re going to think I’ve lost my mind, but I’m going to call Continental and see if I can change my flight to Sunday,” I said sheepishly.

“You won’t be able to change it,” she said. “I tried to change my flight after I got my tickets so I could spend an extra night with my friend Evelyn in Denver. They said that, since it was issued on a group rate, I would have to buy a one-way ticket for four hundred dollars.”

“Well, I’m going to call them anyway. If it’s a pain to change or it costs a lot, I’ll just take it as a sign that I’m not supposed to stay.” So I called…

Me: “Hello, I’m flying from Denver through Cleveland to Miami on Saturday. Leaving at 10:00 AM, Arriving Miami at 11:00 PM. Is there any possibility of changing that flight to return on Sunday?”

Continental Airlines: “I see that this is a group rate ticket. Let me transfer you to the group desk.”

Continental Group Agent:”Hmm. Let me see what I can do…Oh, there’s a nonstop flight from Denver, leaving at 10:00 AM arriving Miami at 4:00 PM. It will cost $25 to change it and there’s one seat left. Would you like it?”

And as, they say, “the rest is history.” That was twenty years ago, last month. Peter and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary last month. We are still in love and very happy.

Actually, there are many, many more seemingly magical parts to the story:

  • The guy at the front desk of the condo, conspiring with Peter to find me when the business card that I had given him showed my restored maiden name on it and my travel agent had booked the trip in my married name (before airline security got so tight.)
  • The same guy, who was apparently at the condo desk from Sunday afternoon (Peter got off I-70 and placed the first of three calls, before they could actually find me) to Monday morning. While Becky and I were standing at the desk looking at the ski grooming report, he looked at us and said smugly: “Well I guess we finally got that call through to you, didn’t we?”  We had no idea what he was talking about – I found out about all the calls from Peter much later. We never saw him before that morning nor after, and we were there a week.
  • United Airlines dropping their rates by 50% one hour before I called to book a ticket to visit Peter in Denver. We were able to book round trip flights  every three weeks all that summer to see each other. The day after we booked our tickets, United was getting ten thousand calls an hour.
  • Peter had also been working with a therapist to get clarity about his relationships, thereby raising his vibration to attract his rightful partner.

So what do you think? Law of Attraction in action or dozens of coincidences? I’m thinking the former…

The way I see it, Peter and I were both magnets for each other and God, the Universe, our LargeSelves, whatever you want to call it, couldn’t help but find a way to bring us together. I still laugh when I remember Peter saying “If we don’t figure this thing out, we’ll both be struck by lightening simultaneously!” I don’t think that would have happened, but we would also have missed out on many years of love and wonderful times together. Thank you, Law of Attraction. I’ll be forever grateful.



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

7 comments on “Meeting Peter – A Story or The Law of Attraction at Work – Part Two

  1. Verity says:

    Loved it! You fabulous story gave me happy tears and joy. 🙂 what a wonderful story!


    • largeself says:

      Thank you, Verity! I have told it many times, but had never written about it. When people ask Peter and I how we met, we usually start by saying:”How much time do you have?” After all these years, it still makes me smile…


  2. I love, love, love this story!!!


  3. Gina's Professions for PEACE says:

    Oh my goodness… I love this whole story! Thank you thankyou for sharing this beautiful reminder to focus on our own energy and to ‘be the magnet’ rather than pining or seeking… I’m hearing the song line “Looking for love in all the wrong places” reminding us that ‘looking’ is not the way to go about ‘attracting’ our true mate (or anything we wish to attract). You share so clearly about listening to our intuition and seeing the miracles all along the way. I adore love stories. I shared about my own miraculous Law of Attraction love story back on April 27 “It’s So Romantic”. I would have included the link but I don’t want to be pushy 😉
    Much love and appreciation to you dear one, ~Gina


  4. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Gina,Thank you so much! Yes, I so agree that seeking is not the best way to create what we desire. Don’t you think that what we desire is actually looking for us? My friend Lola Jones says that our Largeself has already created it, we just have to get ourselves to the party? I’ll go check out your post for April 27 and you are always welcome to link back here…




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