Getting Permission

We had our second Energy Healing conference call last night. The group posed lots of great questions which evolved into lively discussion. So, today I wanted to expound on one of the questions that sparked the most controversy. I’ve been thinking about our discussion, and I wanted to offer more clarity today.

Do you always need to get permission from someone to do a healing? My answer is “yes” with a few caveats. Unlike massage or other modalities, energy healing is something that can be done without an obvious display of effort. With nothing more than intention, one can send the harmonizing electromagnetic frequencies that produce healing to anyone, anywhere, at any time. So why wouldn’t you do that whenever you wanted to?

Well, when you send energy without getting permission, you’re assuming that the recipient wants the healing and that you know what’s best for them. I recently talked with a client who is extremely sensitive. On our initial consultation, I mentioned that I do energy healing which might be appropriate for her condition. While she was open to this, she was emphatic that I get her permission before engaging in any energy healing. She related a story where a massage therapist had done energy work with her during a massage without asking. It made her sick for several days after the session and she vowed to never return. I think she felt violated in some ways because of that encounter.

Several years ago, I got a call from a man enquiring about my services. He was interested in making an appointment for his wife, but before he did, he wanted to know if I did energy work. My answer was, yes, but only with the client’s permission. He was emphatic that he did not want energy work for himself or his family. I said that I would always respect his wishes. I remember thinking, “Well, I’ll never hear from him again.” I really thought I had scared him off because my answer to his initial question was yes. Turns out, he called back, made the initial appointment for his wife and since that time, I have worked with him and his entire family. I’m the first person they call if they are having any physical issues. He wasn’t bothered that I offered energy work, he just wanted to be sure that I didn’t do it on him or his family.

I think intention is the key, here. Of course the resonant field that we set up when we’re attuned to do energy work has a healing effect wherever we go. In my discussion with the above-mentioned client, I told him that even bodywork (Rolfing in my case) has an energetic component as I believe that it’s impossible to touch someone without being in their energy field (and again, it was surprising to me that he called back!). But I don’t intentionally call in the healing frequencies without getting permission.

In the online course I say that on some level, I believe that I’m doing Divine Openings Healing all the time, even when I’m doing bodywork. The resonant field is powerful and it just “is.” I have noticed that since I was activated to do this form of energy healing that all of my work has become more effective. But my intention is even more powerful. The difference is whether I’m intending a healing or not.

What do you think?



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5 comments on “Getting Permission

  1. I totally agree. Intent is the key, and you need to have the trust of the person you’re working with. I always get permission first, unless the person is not in a state of mind to be able to consent (relatives of ill patients who ask me to do a healing, etc). And in those cases what I’ll do is set an intention to send healing energy to the recipient, but if they don’t want to accept it and are not open to it, to have the energy go to wherever/however it can be of the highest service. So far that seems to be working out pretty well. But then there are times when I can tell that a person is absolutely not open to receiving, so I just stop the session.


  2. LargeSelf says:

    Really good point, Madame Weebles, about setting intention with those who can’t give consent. I, too, have found that in those cases, the healing goes where it’s most needed. Yep, intention is everything here. Thanks for your input!


  3. Cathy – I am so glad you addressed this. I think this is such a relevant issue for the entire spiritual and personal growth communities. We assume that all pain should be eliminated, that everyone wants the same thing, that the world needs to be saved. I find it such an invasion of privacy – and really just a small self forgetting that we are all the divine, we are all safe, and sometimes it is these twists and turns of life that make it so interesting! Giving a healing without request to an adult just belies the essence of acknowledging the divine in each of us. Being a caring person, I do understand the urge…but in this case I think permission is the respectful way to proceed.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      Absolutely, Roxanne! I so agree. Thanks for your comment. And for following my blog. Very cool that you have a blog on WordPress too! I’m looking forward to spending some time and checking it out.



      • Cathy, I manage several blogs and have been a WordPress user since 2004. I am loving reading your “I love blogging” posts! Please LMK if I can help with anything… I used to cover my Divine Openings work on my personal blog, In the Transition, but just recently started a new site exclusively for Divine Openings.

        I so look forward to staying in touch! Rox


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