Places that Heal

Great Stupa of Dharmakaya from Flickr Creative Commons, some rights reserved by trickofthelight

As my client Janice reclined on my table, she exhaled a lovely “Aaaahhh” – a signal that she was already going into an alpha state – even before I touched her. This scenario replays many times a day in my office. Now, you might think that Janice was simply glad to be relaxing, that she was already expecting the benefits of her bodywork/energy session and you would be right. But I feel that she was also receiving healing just from being in the resonant field of the space. After working in the same office now for twelve years, I think the healing frequencies in my space have strengthened from every session I’ve done.

Have you ever noticed a special feel in certain places? One of my favorites is the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya at the Shambala Mountain Center. Nestled on the side of a hill in the Rocky Mountains, this place feels to me like a cosmic antenna. During my rare visits, I love to spend at least a few minutes meditating inside the Stupa, soaking up the vibes.

Cathedrals, sacred Native American Sites, temples from various religious traditions have a similar feel – one that has been created from prayers, consciousness, intention over many years. Research even supports what many feel about these places. In “The Field – The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe,” Lynn McTaggart describes in great detail the influence that sacred spaces can have on Random Event Generators. Statistically significant studies show that machines designed to produce a plus or minus sign at random will consistently veer off their predictable pattern of 50% plus and 50% minus when they’re placed in sacred sites.

These days, I do some of my energy healing sessions at home. While working with people from around the world, time constraints sometimes make it necessary to schedule at odd hours, so I do these in my library. I’ve made a conscious decision to reserve this room for my remote energy sessions because I’ve created and maintain the resonant field there.

Is it possible to create a resonant field anywhere? Of course! By setting my intention, I can do my healing work anywhere, at any time. But I prefer, when I can, to do it in one of these two spaces. I let the space help me. And like Janice showed me, the space was already working for her!

What do you notice about sacred places? Have you felt healing, peace of mind or a shift in consciousness from being in one of these places? I’d love to hear of your experiences.



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6 comments on “Places that Heal

  1. The only place I remember specifically feeling a really distinct energy was in Greece, in Santorini. I think it was probably because of the ENORMOUS sense of history and continuity there. Swimming in the Aegean, wandering around all the Minoan ruins, the energy was really unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. I’ve also found that sometimes it’s the situation and timing in addition to the location–sometimes everything converges just right and I get this huge sense of healing and rejuvenation from a place.

    I bet your office must be an amazingly calming and centering place to be, with so many years of healing vibes in there!


  2. Cathy Ulrich says:

    MW, I can only imagine what Santorini feels like energetically. Must have also been an amazing place for you as a historian! And I love your observation about situation, timing and location converging to form the perfect vortex for healing. Those special times are so memorable. And yes, I love the feel in my office. I have even found that when I’m a little “under the weather,” I feel better when I get to work! – Cathy


  3. Hi Cathy–I do most of my work over the phone at home. I found it helpful to create a ritual for every reading I do and set aside one place in my house for my work. I also make sure to use the office phone, a notebook specifically for my work etc. It feels connected to creating boundaries. I really enjoyed this post. Love & light-Julie


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      Thank you, Julie. Yes! I think it’s so important to create that time/space ritual that says: “I’m working with someone now,” especially when working from home. I do something similar when I do remote sessions from home. At the office, it’s already established. But at home, the boundary needs to be clear and clean.

      Much love,



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