Cultivating Intuition – Listen!

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It has now been twenty-five years since the connection to my intuition was forever cemented. I think I inherited my intuition from my mother. But until that fateful day when it asserted itself so strongly and I continued to ignore it with very unpleasant consequences did I finally learn to“hear” it, believe it and act on it.

I woke up on Saturday morning anticipating my parent’s visit. They were driving down to Miami from Atlanta and I planned to clean and shop for groceries prior to their arrival later in the afternoon. In those days, I was a serious athlete – a middle distance runner and competitive cyclist and on that day, my (then) husband, John, wanted me to accompany him on a bike ride.

As we discussed the plans for the day, I got a very strong sense that I should not go riding. I chalked it up to the fact that I had lots to do in preparation for my folk’s visit. But my husband was insistent. “I can ride the full fifty miles and you can turn around half-way at twelve and a half. You ride back by yourself, and get started with your cleaning and I’ll come back and help you,” he said.

My sense was “DON’T GO!” But because I wanted to get a workout in and I knew I wouldn’t have much time to ride or run while Mom and Dad were there, I decided to go. The sense not to ride was so strong that it kept on, even after I changed my clothes, got on the bike and started the ride. The voice in my head (and I don’t really hear voices, so don’t think I’m hallucinatory) kept niggling, nagging “Turn around, now. Stop and go home.” But I kept going.

Well, I did ride the twelve and a half miles to the turnaround. I said goodbye to John. He continued and I headed home. Within three minutes of our parting, I hit a large dip in the road, the seat post on my bike broke and I found myself face-down on the pavement with a broken tooth and a cut lip that was bleeding profusely. Some people in the neighborhood where I fell saw me go down, called 911 and a few minutes later, the EMTs arrived. I convinced them that I was O.K. as the bleeding had slowed, and we called my in-laws to come get me. After I was home, and my parents arrived, my lip began bleeding again and I had to go to the ER for stitches. While my injuries weren’t severe, the fall certainly put a damper on my visit with my parents and I had to see the dentist for repair of my front tooth. And fortunately, I didn’t end up with any facial scars…

Since that fateful day, I have listened to my intuition (well, for the most part). It made itself so clear and strong that I finally “got it!” That intuitive voice has a distinct vibration similar in it’s uniqueness to the sound of my husband, Peter’s voice on the phone. There is no doubt when Peter calls (even without caller I.D.) who is speaking. The vibration of his voice is different from anyone else’s and I know it immediately. Just like I know the vibration of my intuition.

Yes, I have been known to argue with it from time-to-time. Sometimes in a session, I’ll get intuitive information that seems really “out-there” and out of context. It will say: “Tell them this.” And bear in mind that these are bodywork and energy sessions. The client isn’t always coming for intuitive help.

I’ll go: “No way, they’ll think I’m crazy!” And after a short bout of discussion in my head, I’ll usually acquiesce. And always, it’s 100% right on!

These days, with the Energy Healing work and in developing my online course, I have come out of the closet and am more open about my intuitive abilities. I do offer them, now, as part of my services. But who would have guessed that this new line of work all started with a bike crash!

Have you ever ignored a strong intuitive hit and later discovered that you should have listened? I’d love to hear your stories!



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9 comments on “Cultivating Intuition – Listen!

  1. Jan says:

    I used to be in the foster/adopt program. We had our little boy since he was 3 weeks old. His mother had a long history of child abuse and had already lost 4 older children. Still, the Agency was giving her every opportunity to get this baby boy back. It was very hard for me to take him to the Agency for an hour 2x a week. I would park my vehicle and wait. There were times the mother would walk out carrying the baby. I didn’t know why but it really bothered me that they would let her walk out of the building with him. I spoke to the case worker and told him my concern. What if I wasn’t there? She could just walk off with this 3 month old infant. The case worker assured me that he watched every time she left to make sure she handed the baby to me. Still, I continued to sit for the hour in front of the building.
    One day I was feeling rushed. I had a multitude of things I needed to get accomplished. One was to make a stop at the grocery about 2 blocks away. I decided that a quick run over there to pick up a few things would be OK. After all I’d only be gone ten – fifteen minutes. I’d be back in plenty of time before the visit was supposed to end. That’s when that little voice started shouting at me to stay put! I shut it down, telling myself I was being paranoid.
    When I returned to the Agency about a quarter of an hour later I was met by case workers in a panic and the police. The mother had walked out of the building while the case worker watching her and made a quick trip to the restroom.
    It took the police 2 days to track her down and several hours to convince her to drop the gun she was holding to the babies head, while threatening to blow his little brains out.
    He is now 6 and our adopted son but believe me, when that voice talks to me now, I listen.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      What an amazing story. Thank you so much for sharing it. When we experience something that powerful, we finally recognize the inner voice and its distinctive vibration. And, like you, I certainly don’t ignore it anymore!




  2. athenabrady1 says:

    Hi Cathy.
    I really enjoyed reading your post and funnily enough I had an experience similar a couple of weeks ago. I was on a break with my husband when I suddenly had an image enter my mind of my friends old cat Georgie, who I fed titbits to being buried. A few days later I found he had died and the spot he was buried was where I saw it.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      I love it, Athena! Yes, those images are amazing intuitive hits. Sounds like you were actually doing a form of it called “remote viewing.” Isn’t it great to get the validation of what you saw?




  3. Good for you for being so open about your abilities!!! I know it’s not easy. It’s so great that you can sense your intuitive voice so well, Cathy—it’s something that’s hard to do, and even harder to learn to trust it, as you pointed out. I’m still learning how to sense mine, but I’m finding it easier now to hear the difference between a real intuitive hit and something that’s just an invention of my brain. But every once in a while I get a really clear one, like someone was talking to me, and it always blows me away. Namaste, my friend!


  4. nyparrot says:

    I am very intuitive, and so what you are talking about makes a lot of sense to me. I am glad I came across your blog!


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