I wanted to share this beautiful piece of writing as it reflects my feelings today. Enjoy!



Freedom to a Full Life

In the past few weeks there have been numerous and sometimes intense energy shifts in the galaxy around earth, in our atmosphere, through the earth itself and many of us who are more sensitive to energy vibrations have noticed these shifts. For me it has been a roller coaster of emotions and physical change. Some of you are becoming much more in tune with yourselves and I see from many posts I follow you are not only accepting a deeper understanding of your truer nature, you are digging down deep to find it. This is good, very good. For the better we understand ourselves, the better we understand others.

These energy shifts are new and strange for all of us. Change is usually approached with at least a little apprehension if not true anxiety. Any time we experience new, we are entering a realm we are not yet familiar with…

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