Law of Attraction Stories

Today, Molly Player at Stories and Truth honored me by reposting my two part post about how I met my dear husband Peter. She has dedicated her WordPress site to stories about the Law of Attraction and was actually the impetus for my writing this story in the first place.

You can find the complete story here and the following is her introduction. Enjoy!

In February of this year, I wrote down the following sentence in my prayer journal:

“I have the ability to write books quickly, exactly as they should be the first time.”

Four days after writing that affirmation, I got inspired with a new story idea. I sat down and started writing and I finished an entire 20,000-word story in one week.

It was the first time in my life I have ever written something of such substantial length so quickly.

I remember the night that I completed it. My husband and I went to a dance club and I felt so good. I just danced and danced and didn’t care what anyone thought of me or how I looked because I’d just, that day, accomplished something that I was so proud of, and so quickly.

I was in awe of God and of this thing we call the law of attraction.

But there was more… Read Wednesday’s post for part two of this saga!

Blessings to you,

Mollie Player

4 comments on “Law of Attraction Stories

  1. Thank you for introducing Molly, Cathy–I just visited her blog and am looking forward to digging in. I just love LoA stories.


  2. Thanks for the mention, etc.! I really love your LOA story ~ and the picture is great, too. Glad you’re happy. 🙂


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