Half-made Bed

I love my husband and I love my cats. This is a common occurrence in our house: Peter (and I do appreciate it) makes the bed almost every day. But if there’s a cat either lying on the bed or the decorative pillows on the floor (which we had placed there the night before to remove them from the bed so we could get in it), he either won’t make the bed or he’ll only finish up to the point where he doesn’t have to move a cat.

Cielo loves to occupy the warm spot on the bed that has recently been vacated by me. And either Leo or Cielo will also lay on the pillows on the floor. I’m not in the office today and have been working at the computer this morning, catching up on emails and blog comments. So when I went into the bedroom to get dressed for my run, here’s what I saw.


Leo on Pillows

And this:

Mostly made bed minus the pillows that are underneath Leo

What should I do?

1. Move Leo and finish making the bed?

2. Wait until he moves himself and finish making the bed?

3. Leave the job undone for the rest of the day?

What do you think?

17 comments on “Half-made Bed

  1. Ha! I’d leave it. so cute!


  2. Jan Herleikson says:

    hi Cathy,
    We have a similar problem with our cat, Troubles. What I’ve found is that if I just find something else to do and return in an hour or so the bed has been vacated. In the meantime…. those lumpy moving things are rather comical. sometimes a little game of tickling through the covers with your fingers can be great fun for you and the cat.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      Hi Jan, I love the name Troubles…perfect for a cat! Thanks for the advice. Yes they will eventually move in their own good time. But having two cats, I find that they’ll take turns “holding down the bed.” Anyway, it’s all in good fun.


  3. I just straightened the duvet and put on a coverlet. Patch would be quite happy riding on the duvet as I pulled it straight, and then I would lay the coverlet on the bed, folded near the cat. She would stalk across the fold so that I could pull the rest of the coverlet where it should be. Amazing, a cooperative cat.

    If I were just fed up, and pulled the bedding as if she were not there, she would jump onto the windowsill and gaze benevolently down at me.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      Patch sounds like a great cat, Clare. Yes, our Cielo likes to help make the bed, especially changing the sheets. He gets under each layer, then jumps out and onto the next and in the interim stretches and then licks his belly. It’s great the fascination our feline friends have with our bedding!


  4. russtowne says:

    I think it looks like a cat has snuck UNDER the sheets! ;-D!



  5. Sorry I’m late to this party, Cathy! Your situation is extremely familiar to me, I go through this very frequently. I would probably have opted to wait until Leo was done with the pillows. But that’s just me. I also have the additional problem of having a cat who likes to sleep under the covers. As you can imagine, our bed rarely gets made completely.


  6. Cathy Ulrich says:

    No problem, MW. Thanks for stopping by! We did wait until Leo was done with the pillows. And yes, I can imagine that it’s a challenge to get the bed made when one of your cats likes to sleep under the covers all day. Cielo likes to sleep under the covers at night, but not during the day. I will wake up to find him spooning me – don’t even know how he got there! And his favorite thing? He likes to have his front paw pads rubbed – kind of like a hand massage! Aaah, us and our cats…



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