Desert Yucca by Cathy Ulrich

by what my eyes

How the camera
captures some of it
but not all of it.

Sometimes it’s better
that way. Sometimes

In my early years,
I played in

Learning tricks with
and chemicals.

Later I got my first
Nikon digital. Didn’t have a

And post-processing
took on new

Now, I shoot what I love
and learn
to like it.

If you have ever tried photography, what are your challenges? What do you like to photograph? What is your favorite picture?

The Crone

Beauty comes from the expression and character in your face – not just its symmetry.  – Robert Jones

Todays post was inspired by my dear friend, Madame Weebles. Here she talks about her own version of a Crone. As always her amazing writing and wonderful sense of humor creates a great space for commentary and community.

In part, here’s my comment on her page: “In the Wicca tradition, there’s a ceremony for this [The Crone] – just like other rights of passage, the Croning ceremony marks the [transition] into wisdom. A few years ago, a client brought me a jewelry pin – it was the face of an old woman with gray hair and round, red cheeks. It was a compliment – a tribute to wisdom and my healing abilities – I was horrified and it took everything I had in me to smile and thank her!” The image is of her gift.

These days, I’m  more comfortable with the energy of the Crone, the wise woman, the healer – my Inner Crone if you will. And today, I can truly say, “Thank you, Terri. I can now accept your gift with gratitude and grace.” It’s okay to be a Crone.