One More Blog

One more Blog.
Let me read one more Blog.
Just one more Blog
Oh, I could do this forever.

Just more blog,
I’ll only read one more Blog,
I promise, just one more Blog

Then I’ll (fill in the blank)
Go to work,
Go to sleep,
Go workout,
Stop commenting,
Write a post,
Turn off my email,
Ignore the little orange box,
Fix dinner,
Talk to you…

This post is dedicated to my husband, Peter who is amazingly patient with me and my blogging addiction. What other things are calling you to leave your computer and stop BLOGGING? At least for a little while?

My Business

Beating Heart by Cathy Ulrich

My Business
My Busyness
Healing, helping, freeing
Teaching. Balancing.

This is my work,
My passion,
My Expertise.
Something I’ve spent
Thirty Years learning
(and counting).

I love doing it, and yet
I need my solitude.

I love the calls, and yet
I feel badly
when I make
wait for an appointment.

But if I don’t take care of myself,
I can’t take care of you.
Know that I care.

It’s a balancing act that,
For the most part,
I do pretty well.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Thankful

Mount Evans Goat by Cathy Ulrich

There are so many things for which I feel thankful. But I chose this photo because it portrays my love of the outdoors, my beautiful Colorado mountains and the amazing wildlife that I get to enjoy here. This shot was taken at the summit of Mount Evans west of Denver. These Mountain Goats live in the high alpine tundra and are often seen in the area. They were climbing around on the abandoned visitors center at the summit.


The Gift

Red Dahlia by Cathy Ulrich

I love the Holidays
The decorations,
The music,
The cold weather,
The food,
The friends,
The family.

Even the cliche
That says:
People are kinder,
Softer, and more selfless.

Even if it were better
If we behaved this way
All year ‘round.

My Mother, Cherie
Taught me to love them
With her childlike delight,
Her collection of Nativities,
Her beautiful gifts,
And her German Chocolate Cake.

I miss you more,
this time of year, Mom.
But now, I can feel the warmth
coming from you across the void,
And send love back.
And that is a great Christmas gift.



With Gratitude

Thankful by Cathy Ulrich

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
~John F. Kennedy

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my dear friends on the blogosphere. In the U.S., this day is set aside to give thanks. If you’re not living in a country that celebrates as we do, I invite you to take a few moments to think of something for which you’re thankful and join us. I want you to know that I’m thankful for you.

P.S. I saved this shot in a large format. To see it, just click on the image.



Cuties Are the Bomb

Sweet Clementines
of tart, orange/tangerine.
Orbs of goodness.

I can’t stop eating them.
Fortunately they’re only
twenty calories apiece.

With shortened days
and longer nights,
your Vitamin C seduces me.

How could something so delicious
be so good for me?

Peter, you have my permission
to buy another bag
 you like.

Thanksgiving Seems Early

Fortunately we’re going
to Joe’s house
and taking a Caesar salad
with Lemon-Sage Fritters
Masquerading as Croutons.

Joe’s a great cook.
Instead of Turkey,
he’s doing Beef Wellington.
He says he doesn’t want to cook too much,
but for an Italian?

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 22.
And then weirdly,
we have 
another Thursday in November.

Does that mean I have more time
to get ready for Christmas
or just
 another week of Holiday madness?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This week’s challenge was to create a gallery of photos that show off the word and color green. I brought together a gallery of nine pictures taken in various places. Images that I think represent green for me. Click on each image to see a larger view.

What does green mean for you?