Ode to the Blogosphere” was an Editor’s Pick for October! Thank you, Michelle and WordPress!

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Narrowing down all the fantastic posts featured on Freshly Pressed in a month to just ten is a challenge, but one that we relish — it reminds us of how much great content you’ve published, and of the depth and diversity of the WordPress.com community. Here are some of October’s standouts:

Silk Road Ramblings: Lost Empires, Gobi Fugitives, and The Secret Meth Habit of Marco Polo

I have conquered the Silk Road—venturing through the wild frontiers of Central Asia all the way to the dynastic heart of China, through a land of unforgiving beauty and a blood-splattered past; a land of lost empires, camel caravans, mummies, treasure-filled caves, and Imperial tombs. I am a modern-day Marco Polo, except I can’t grow impressive facial hair or call people ‘Orientals’ or ‘barbarian mongrels’

We read many great posts about travel each month and scope out tons of great photography, but Backpackology gave us…

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11 comments on “

  1. boomiebol says:

    Congratulations :)!!!


  2. Congratulations, my friend!!!


  3. Professions for PEACE says:

    Well done WordPress, for selecting a true gem like this blog and you Cathy! Heartfelt congratulations dear heart. Hooray!!!! 😀
    Love, Gina


  4. Congratulations and thank you for allowing me to ride on the coat tails of your time basking under the WordPress sun. I know that you asked about me on Weeble’s site, but I didn’t think it would be appropriate to reply there since she has certainly suffered mightily. I reside in Upper Manhattan so I got through Sandy fine. I never lost power nor was there any flooding in my neighborhood. The tree behind my apartment uprooted but it fell in such a way no homes were damaged. Ironically, that bag wrapped around a branch up the block from my building is still there. Mighty trees fall but that bag seems to be there for eternity. If not for eternity, I am certain that it will at least outlast me.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      That bag is amazing. Thanks for the congrats and I’m happy if it brought some people your way. You have a great blog and I’m so enjoying getting to know my curmudgeonly friend in upper Manhattan! I’m glad you fared well during Sandy and I have been thinking about you, Weebs and Brigitte. It’s important to me to know that you are doing okay. I was living in South Florida when Hurricane Andrew hit and I remember the devastation there. I left the afternoon before and went to Atlanta and stayed with my parents so I wasn’t there for the actual storm, but it was amazing how it stripped Miami. Here’s to old bags! 🙂
      And Hugs,


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