Weekly Photo Challenge – My 2012 in Pictures

For this week’s photochallenge, we are asked to share photos from our year. So here is a collection – one for each month of 2012. If you’re viewing from the home page, click on the title for the post and you’ll be able to see the gallery.

Christmas Memories

Christmas Memories by Cathy Ulrich

Christmas Memories by Cathy Ulrich

This tree in my home.
An odd tradition,
Yet one that continues
to bring pleasure and
Sweet memories.

Ornaments given and
received over many years.
Symbols of Christmases past.
Symbols of family, friends,
Places and times.

Like the reflection of light
Through crystal,
I pause to reflect on the light
of loved ones who share and
have shared this life with me
in gratitude and joy.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Surprise!

Scuba Weeble by Cathy Ulrich

Scuba Weeble by Cathy Ulrich

This photo includes a little backstory: In November, Madame Weebles created a contest to raise money for Movember. Being extremely camera-shy, she decided to post nine photos of her friends and one of herself and the contest involved guessing which photo was hers. I guessed right and my prize was a Weeble from her extensive collection. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found my very own Scuba Weeble! I’m an avid Diver and amateur underwater photographer. It was the best surprise ever. Thank you, Weebs!

To see some of my underwater photography just click on the term in my categories on the home page.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Delicate

Tundra Lily by Cathy Ulrich

Tundra Lily by Cathy Ulrich

For this week’s challenge, I chose a macro shot of a tiny lily that I took while hiking on the Ute Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park. These flowers are about the size of my thumbnail and grow in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. The high alpine tundra hosts a huge array of flowers that are only visible if one gets out and hikes the trails and they epitomize “delicate” to me. That something so seemingly fragile can exist in such climate extremes simply astounds me.
Click on the image for a larger view.

The Return of the Light


The Golden Orb lives in the South
these days. Casting shadows
from dawn to dusk.

Daylight fades early and
appears late and the color of the day
changes to cobalt skies.

The shortest day looms but
the day after is longer.
All festivals, 
regardless of their religious origin
celebrate the return of the light.

When the time is right,
you will come back, dear light.
The Earth turns and the
Northern Hemisphere is yours
once again.