Happy Anniversary, WordPress!

Today, I celebrate my first anniversary as a member of the WordPress family! Nearly 14,000 views, 400 followers, and a wonderful new group of friends as well as a Freshly Pressed, I’m so glad to be a part of the Blogosphere. My blog has evolved over the past year from an extension of my online healing course to a platform for my photography and new-found love of poetry. It has expanded my world in ways that I never thought possible.

Thanks to all of you who have followed, commented and extended your friendship on this journey. Thanks for your humor, insight and commitment in sharing your own journeys on your blogs. I have learned so much from all of you. My life is immensely richer for having met you, and I look forward to seeing what this next year holds for us here at WordPress. In conclusion, here’s a gallery of some of the highlights from the past year. Happy Easter, Everyone!


Sunday Haiku #6 – Spring Blizzard

It’s 18 degrees Fahrenheit outside. And, while it’s sunny, I’m looking at a white blanketed world. Instead of bemoaning this fact, I decided to go out in the blizzard and bring Spring back home. I spent part of yesterday afternoon in my studio shooting these. Here is your Sunday Haiku challenge: Write a Haiku about the photo. Or what are you doing to celebrate this first weekend of Spring?

Spring is Coming!

Spring is Coming!

Yellow and Red stripes
in nature’s glorious way
bring color blizzard

Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense

The March Phoneography challenge continues. This week, we were asked to capture on our cell phones, something that “holds the promise or portent of the future.” Well, I’m very excited about my new Nikon D600 and I’m exploring a lot of new photographic techniques with this amazing instrument. I’m learning how to do High Dynamic Range (HDRI) Photography and I also have plans to learn Focus Stacking. To see a couple of my HDRI shots, click here and here.

Since I can’t use my D600 for this challenge, I’m sharing my creative future with a macro shot of the camera. My near future this weekend involves shooting some HDRI and Focus Stacked Macros.

My Photographic Future

My Photographic Future

I used my iPhone 4S camera with the macro lens from my Olloclip. The emblem on the camera is about 1/2″ wide and 1/8″ high. To learn more about Olloclip, click here.

And to learn more about the Weekly Photo Challenge, click here.

Sunday Haiku #5

For  this week’s Haiku challenge, I chose a shot from our last scuba trip to St. Kitt’s. This gorgeous creature is now a menace to the reefs in the Caribbean. As a non-indigenous species (it hails from the South Pacific and was introduced to western waters from someone’s hobbyist aquarium in Florida), it has no predators and is breeding rapidly in that part of the world. Fortunately, even though the Lionfish is extremely poisonous, it moves very slowly. So a careful diver can avoid touching its dreaded dorsal spines.

I invite you to comment in Haiku – either about this shot or about your favorite vacation destination. Three lines – five syllables – seven syllables – five syllables. And have a great Sunday!

Lion Fish in Focus by Cathy Ulrich

Lion Fish in Focus by Cathy Ulrich

Pouty expression
Angel’s wings give bitter pain
Do not tread on me

Weekly Photo Challenge – Lunchtime

My favorite meal is dinner. I like to spend time with Peter, relaxing, enjoying a glass of wine and preparing a savory repast. Lunchtime for me is usually a fruit smoothie at my desk while returning phone calls or writing therapy notes. But on weekends, my favorite place for lunch looks something like this…

Lunch at Red Mountain

Lunch at Red Mountain

Peter and I love to hike on weekends. We stop at our favorite bagel establishment – Gibbs – and pick-up bagel sandwiches. My favorite is chicken salad on a jalapeño/cheddar bagel with a bag of kettle chips and a half-sour pickle. We lovingly pack these wax-paper wrapped delicacies in our Camelbaks and carry them several miles (along with my camera) until we reach an overlook such as this, somewhere around lunchtime. We look for a rock on which to perch, and quietly munch. Ahhh, the joys of living in Colorado.

The photo challenges for the month of March embrace phoneography, and I must confess I did not take this photo with my iPhone. Instead, I had my Olympus XZ-1 with me for this shot. Please forgive me.

To learn more about the Weekly Photo Challenge, click here.

To learn more about Red Mountain Open Space, click here.

Haiku Sunday #4 – More of My Neighborhood

For this week’s photo challenge, we were asked to share a picture of our neighborhood and I posted a view of the snowstorm through my front portico. If you imagine looking just to the right of that portico, you might see this on a warm summer day. This young buck likes to hang out there cooling himself and enjoying the shade. So here’s your haiku challenge: either write a haiku about our Mule deer friend or about what you might see outside your front door!

Young Buck

Young Buck

Smiling for a pic
young buck sleeps in the cool shade
Is that a problem?

Phoneography Challenge – My Neighborhood

For the month of March, the Weekly Photo Challenge is all about Phoneography – that is – photos taken with the camera in the cellphone. Luckily, I have an awesome camera in my iPhone 4S. While I don’t use it very much, this challenge reminds that I really should consider pulling it out more often as it does serve well when I don’t want to carry a bigger camera.

The theme for this week is “My Neighborhood.” Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny Colorado day, but luckily for me, I was at Winter Park skiing all day so I didn’t get any shots of my neighborhood. Today, we’re bracing for a mega spring snowstorm. You get to see my neighborhood as the snow starts to blanket our corner of the world.

Doorway to My Neighborhood

Doorway to My Neighborhood

This shot was taken with my iPhone 4S camera set on HDR (click on “Options at the top of the frame). Then I added my favorite iPhone accessory – an Olloclip fisheye lens. It’s an amazing little gadget that’s three lenses in one tiny package. It clips onto the corner of the iPhone over the existing lens and provides a fisheye lens, a macro lens and a wide angle lens. The only problem with it is that it’s so small, I have to be very careful about where I store it because it’s easy to misplace! For more information about the Olloclip click here.

For more information about this week’s challenge, click here.