It’s a Protea!

Protea Safari Sunset

Protea Safari Sunset

Now I know its name
Protea from Africa
Safari Sunset

I’d like to thank Tony at for identifying our mystery flower! And if you’re new to this thread, click here for the original post.

26 comments on “It’s a Protea!

  1. katalina4 says:

    Such a gorgeous photo – looks like a painting.


  2. Awesome! I’m fairly pro-tea myself, so we’d get along fine! 🙂


  3. Beautiful flower!


  4. Nice to know, but I’m more inclined to remember the name Mystery Flower than Protea.


  5. Absolutely gorgeous. Love this shot!


  6. Brigitte says:

    Thanks for solving the mystery, C. Your pics are inspiring!


  7. Dang! I did know that. Should have ventured the guess… But the search was, no doubt, more fun. Love the photo!! So rich and beautiful.


  8. Carrie Rubin says:

    That bulbous center looks like it has some mind-controlling powers…


  9. The Hook says:

    Absolutely gorgeous – whatever you call it!


  10. marydpierce says:

    Oh, my gosh! This is the most beautiful flower I have ever seen. Where did you take the photo?


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      Thank you, Mary. I found these flowers at Whole Foods and I have a small studio setting with some photography lights and a black cloth background so I shot this photo there. It’s nice to do it that way when I can because I can also use a tripod and compose it exactly the way I want.


  11. says:

    This is just fabulous Cathy!!


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