22 comments on “Stairway…

  1. I did a few haiku today, too, Carol, but experimented with putting them on the photo. I like the spareness of haiku even though I like longer poetry as well. Hope you’re enjoying doing the poems. 🙂



  2. As usual, a nice dollop of visual eye candy from you, Cathy. The accompanying haiku had an eloquent Joe Friday “Just the facts ma’am” feel, if Joe Friday had the talent to be eloquent like you.


  3. susielindau says:

    Gorgeous shot! Are you loving the snow today?


  4. Amy says:

    Perfect! Love the angel you took.


  5. am I just crazy
    or is that church watching me
    brown adobe eyes


  6. Love how the haiku and photo are perfectly matched. Well done!


  7. seabluelee says:

    There’s something about adobe architecture against the sky that makes my heart sing.


  8. marydpierce says:

    Beautiful shot, Cathy!


  9. aFrankAngle says:

    There is a lot of geometry in your capture! Good angle! 😉


  10. bluebrightly says:

    This image is beautifully composed!


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