25 comments on “Perhaps Why Smurfs Appear Blue

  1. cpsingleton42 says:

    What a great picture! Where on earth did yo find such a beast of the mind!?


  2. Sometimes photos come along
    That fascinate and haunt you
    I know I shouldn’t eat that thing
    And yet I really want to…

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  3. Amy says:

    Fascinating shot!


  4. I love the photo and the poem. 🙂



  5. seabluelee says:

    If there were a Favorite button on here, I would click it! That perfect, glowing orb of a mushroom contrasts so beautifully with the fresh green things growing around it. I’m with Jennifer: it looks so tempting, even though I know better.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      Thank you, Lee! So glad you liked it. It was an interesting spot with the grass growing like a moustache from underneath the mushroom! I wasn’t sure what to do with until yesterday morning when I decided to write a poem about it. Also didn’t know what it was until I Googled “Red speckled mushroom!” 🙂


  6. marydpierce says:

    I wouldn’t want to eat it. I do not like the taste of fungi. But I would like to keep it in a glass case, perfectly preserved, because the sight of it makes me smile. Beautiful!


  7. aFrankAngle says:

    You captured many things in this image. Well done, Cathy!


  8. You were certainly in the right place at the right time with a camera to find that magical mushroom, Cathy.


  9. bluebrightly says:

    It certainly looks like it carries something extraterrestrial here! They are amazing to see.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      We get a lot of mushrooms in the Rockies in the fall, Lynn. I just wish I knew more about them. Apparently this one is poisonous, but there are many restaurants in the mountain towns whose chefs know of special places to harvest wild chanterelles! Amazing!


  10. I love it ! So whimsical and I took a weirdly parallel photo although man made . Hugs Cathy!


  11. vastlycurious.com says:

    We were at Longwood Gardens on Sunday and came across this wonderful whimsical little hovel, or lean-tos, made for gnomes in the forest.My photo does not do it justice but your wonderful orb did so!


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