Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

Devil's Backbone

Devil’s Backbone

My sister Becky is visiting this week, and this past Friday, we went for a hike in one of my favorite local open spaces. Devil’s Backbone hosts a beautiful rock formation that looks very much like the remains of a large spine protruding from the ridge. Here’s my interpretation of “Between.” I call it “Sky Between the Rocks.”

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To learn more about Devil’s Backbone, click here.

17 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Between

  1. Marie says:

    Sky between the rocks – ❤

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  2. Amy says:

    The angle of the photo that you took shows the majestic of the Devil’s Backbone. I really like this image!

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    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      Thanks, Amy! It’s such an interesting geological feature, but it’s so long (maybe 1/4 mile?) that it’s hard to capture in one shot, so I decided to capture a single vertebra! 🙂


  3. How lucky for you that you live in such a gorgeous place, and how lucky for us, that you share it! This is wonderful! It really looks like spinal discs. Wow.


  4. Carrie Rubin says:

    It’s a peek-a-blue sky. 🙂 Lovely!


  5. unfetteredbs says:

    Love the clear blue poking through. Such a beautiful color


  6. Great shot with such vivid color, Cathy! I’m glad I didn’t have to navigate any treacherous path to savor this beautiful view.


  7. seabluelee says:

    And I thought it was rocks between sky! Beautiful place and beautiful photo. Wonderful colors in both sky and rocks.


    • Cathy Ulrich says:

      Thanks, Lee. It’s one of my favorite combinations in nature – orange and blue. And of course they’re complementary on the color wheel. They seem to grab my eye every time! 🙂


  8. aFrankAngle says:

    A geological cookie cutter!


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