Weekly Photo Challenge – Admiration

Sunny Face

Sunny Face

I admire nature in all of her glory. Flowers never cease to amaze me in their complexity and colors. I’m working on a new series of flowers for the upcoming art show season and this sunflower is a piece I shot just last week. She will be printed on metal and available for purchase at my first show – The French Nest Market in Fort Collins, Colorado on May 21st.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract

Elephant Ear Coral

Elephant Ear Coral

There are so many wonderful abstract surfaces on coral reefs. The coral creatures arrange themselves in colonies of swirls, nodules and sometimes they even look like the human brain. They’re usually named for the shapes that they seem to represent.

When I scuba dive, I’m often found perched over a coral head attempting to photograph some small, beautiful invertebrate, but sometimes when I can’t find one, I’ll focus my lens on the coral instead.

Elephant ear coral is mostly found clinging to the sides of shear underwater walls and underneath shelves in the reef and many are quite large. These specimens spanned several feet.

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Carrie Rubin’s Novel EATING BULL and My Personal Food Connection

I just finished reading “Eating Bull” and I found it intriguing. Carrie Rubin does a fantastic job of capturing many of the complex issues around obesity all wrapped into a captivating thriller.

I loved Amy’s review and agree wholeheartedly so I’m reblogging here. Have a great week!



I know I’ve read a great book when I’m still thinking about it months after I’ve turned the final pages. Carrie Rubin’s Eating Bull is one of those books. It is a tightly crafted thriller, told from the point of view of three characters: Jeremy, an overweight, bullied teen whose favorite friend is food; Sue, the pubic health nurse on a mission to sue to food industry for their reckless manipulation of consumers; and, finally, Darwin, the mystery serial killer who is targeting the obese. It’s a mix of mystery whodunit, horror story, and public health crisis all rolled into one.

Many of the characters are suffering some past emotional trauma which is pulled into their eating habits. This backdrop makes these characters seem all the more human and vulnerable. I thought Carrie did a masterful job of telling a horrific story, alongside the complexities of food.

While eating…

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