Weekly Photo Challenge – Community

I live in what just might be the microbrewery capital of the world, Fort Collins, Colorado. And on "Microbrewery Row" also known as Lincoln Road on the north side of town, one frequently sees this odd vehicle cruising down the road. A sort of strange four-wheeled, human-powered cycle, The Handle Bar offers microbrews to patrons who can imbibe while pedaling like mad. We were on our way to Fort Collins Brewery for a pint and a wonderful dinner when we spotted it! As my interpretation of Community, it represents our city that joyfully supports the Microbrewery community and the group of people that have to cooperate as a community to keep the HandleBar going!


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Movie Monday – A Vlog

Okay, so I succumbed to the GoPro craze. I know, it’s silly. But I do love cameras, and I am going diving soon, and I do ski, and I do ride my bike, and I do hike, and I live in a beautiful place. So here it is, my first Vlog – a video of my short bike ride on the Spring Creek Trail here in Fort Collins. While most of the trail looks as if it is out in the wilderness, it actually runs right through the center of town. These are shots from my ride on a short stretch of the southwest end of the trail yesterday. Enjoy!