Harmony Equals Health – Part Two

“We may look at disease as such out-of-tune behavior of one or another of our organs of the body. When a strong harmonizing rhythm is applied to it, the interference pattern of waves, which is the organ, may start beating in tune again. This may be the principle of psychic healing.” Itzak Bentov, from Stalking the Wild Pendulum: On the Mechanics of Consciousness

In Harmony Equals Health – Part One, I talked about harmonic resonance – that natural state where all of the oscillating fields in a system are in-phase. Today, I want to share my views on how energy healing can help to restore the balance of those oscillating systems when they get out of phase.

Harmonic oscillating systems have a natural tendency. They want to remain in harmony . The interlocking fields of all of the oscillators in our bodies will normally stay aligned.  But they can get out of balance when they are exposed to some kind of disturbance such as chronic stress, injury, emotional trauma – anything that interacts with our field of resonance. A big one is suppressed emotions.

When emotions are not fully felt, they tend to go into the resonant field of the body and, over time, they create a focus of disturbance that can even spread to neighboring fields in the body. When that focus of disturbance is removed – say in the example of unfelt emotions being recognized and experienced – the body will want to return to it’s natural state of harmonic resonance. However, if the disturbance has been long-standing or severe enough, the body may need help.  That’s where vibrational therapies come in.

How does vibrational healing help restore harmonic resonance? Well, there’s a very cool phenomenon called Rhythm Entrainment – the basis for Physical (and I daresay emotional) Energy Healing. It goes something like this: even when the natural frequency of similar oscillators isn’t exactly the same, nature seems to find it more efficient to direct them to line up. Fireflies will blink of and off in unison, electronic circuits will oscillate together, picking one frequency to lock onto – usually the fastest one. Rhythm entrainment is the natural tendency to conserve energy in oscillators of similar frequencies by lining them up.

I like to think of my Energy Healing as a strong harmonizing rhythm that entrains my client’s oscillating fields to return to their natural state of balance. I’m not sending them “energy” or taking away “bad energy” but I am introducing a set of healing frequencies that reminds that body how to return to its natural state of health. Really, it’s just information that guides the body back to what it already knows.

Have you ever given or received a vibrational healing? What have you experienced? I invite you to share your comments and questions.


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Energy: It’s All About Vibration!

I love the old Beach Boys song “Good Vibrations.”  While enjoying the catchy tune and the fun lyrics, have you ever really thought about what “good vibrations” means? I think, intuitively, we all have a pretty good idea.

Often on a subconscious level, we get a sense about someone – whether they’re happy, trustworthy, having a bad day, etc. How do we do that? I think we’re picking up their vibration.

Humans emit electromagnetic frequencies. Just like a radio transmitter, we all produce specific frequencies that make us unique. It’s our own energy signature. And this signature is an average of all the vibrations from our skin all the way down to the subatomic particles in our bodies. Since everything vibrates, our signature is literally comprised of the vibrations of our organs, cells, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. And again, each of these vibrating structures has its own specific frequency.

The frequencies of the kidneys are different from those of the liver. The frequencies of kidney cells are different from those of brain cells. The frequency of a carbon atom is different from that of a hydrogen atom. And the frequency of an electron is different from that of a proton. It’s like a language that determines the shape, size and property of that particular thing.

Our thoughts and feelings produce electromagnetic frequencies too – they vibrate. So when someone is happy, they produce a very different frequency than someone who is sad or angry. Not only can we pick up body language and facial expressions, we will literally feel the vibration of emotion coming from another person. So the next time you’re picking up “Good Vibrations” from someone, stop, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to soak up the feeling. It’s quite palpable and it’s a good way to fine-tune your vibration receptors. And doing this actually sharpens your vibrations to do healing later.

I’ll be talking in later blogs about how our vibrations can lead to health or illness and I’ll be discussing how my particular discipline, Energy Healing, interacts with the vibrations of the body to encourage it to balance – which outpictures as health.



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What is Energy Healing?

I think there are many misconceptions about what has popularly been labelled “Energy Healing.” While it has been around for a long time, very few people understand what is actually happening during and after a healing. Often attributed to great masters, saints and spiritual leaders, Energy Healing has now become more of a mainstream practice where nurses, massage therapists and specialists in energy work treat clients regularly.

For some, an energy session feels relaxing, but nothing more.  For others, it can be quite profound with seemingly miraculous cures for serious illness and disease. I have even witnessed structural changes from my own Energy Healing work.

In this blog, I’m going to post articles about some of the things we know about the science of Energy Healing, and my understanding of how energy therapies work. I’ll also review recent books and movies on the topic. And I’ll be telling stories of some of my sessions using Divine Openings Healing.

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