Beautiful and Versatile Blogger Awards

I was surprised and delighted last week, when Julie Hansen Intuitive gave me two blogger awards! It’s such an honor to be recognized and included in her list of fabulous bloggers. Thank you, again, Julie! For a new blogger, it means a lot!

So here they are:

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

– Thank the blogger who nominated you.

– Share 7 random things about yourself. (My list is at the end of the post)

– Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.

– Inform the bloggers of their nomination.

– Add the Versatile Blogger Award pic on your blog post.

The rules for the Beautiful Blogger award are similar to the Versatile Award: bestow it upon 7 other bloggers and list 7 random things about yourself.

Since I’m so new to the Blogger experience, I’ve decided to accept both awards, and nominate seven bloggers. Some of them have already received awards, but I wanted to put them on my list because they’re so awesome! I loved receiving the awards from Julie because I got to connect with some wonderful people on her list and I hope that you’ll check out both her site and the sites of those listed here.
Here are my nominees in no particular order:
  1. LadyRomp
  2. Howtogethappy
  3. Freedomtoafulllife
  4. Medicography
  5. Fearnoweebles
  6. iliketheworldfuzzy
  7. grandfathersky
Please don’t feel obligated to acknowledge or pass these on, but know that I love each of your blogs and I wanted to share your links with others. Those of you who have already been nominated, just think of it as being Versatile and Beautiful bloggers squared or maybe even cubed! Thank you all for blessing me in so many ways.
So here’s my list of seven random things about myself:
  1. I won the Florida Cycling Federation Women’s Cyclist of the year in the late 80s (sorry don’t remember the exact year).
  2. My best 10K time is 42:18 (running, that is).
  3. I play piano (mostly badly).
  4. I’m a glass mosaic artist.
  5. I have logged 160 scuba dives.
  6. I speak Spanish and love to travel in Spain.
  7. My favorite music is Jazz and I go with my husband to the Weekend of Jazz at the Broadmoor every spring.
Congratulations to all of my nominees. Thank you for your art, insights and humor. 
Much love,