Weekly Photo Challenge – Color

Boots for Sale

Boots for Sale

So many boots,
Cowboy boots
to be specific.

Some new.
some used.
A culture of itself.

I have my Justins (black)
and my Tony Lamas (brown)
and I’ve worn them
for many years.

Some would say
I’m a poser.
But I live in the West.
It’s my home
And I’ll wear them if I want to…

I decided to combine the Weekly Photo Challenge and a poem for today’s post. I think most of you who follow this blog have figured out that I’m doing the National Poetry Month Poem a Day. Thank you for your patience as I think you’ve become accustomed to my two to three times per week posts. I promise I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled programming on May Day! In the meantime, thank you for stopping by and for your wonderful comments and occasional poetic responses. I love you all!


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Happy Anniversary, WordPress!

Today, I celebrate my first anniversary as a member of the WordPress family! Nearly 14,000 views, 400 followers, and a wonderful new group of friends as well as a Freshly Pressed, I’m so glad to be a part of the Blogosphere. My blog has evolved over the past year from an extension of my online healing course to a platform for my photography and new-found love of poetry. It has expanded my world in ways that I never thought possible.

Thanks to all of you who have followed, commented and extended your friendship on this journey. Thanks for your humor, insight and commitment in sharing your own journeys on your blogs. I have learned so much from all of you. My life is immensely richer for having met you, and I look forward to seeing what this next year holds for us here at WordPress. In conclusion, here’s a gallery of some of the highlights from the past year. Happy Easter, Everyone!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Future Tense

The March Phoneography challenge continues. This week, we were asked to capture on our cell phones, something that “holds the promise or portent of the future.” Well, I’m very excited about my new Nikon D600 and I’m exploring a lot of new photographic techniques with this amazing instrument. I’m learning how to do High Dynamic Range (HDRI) Photography and I also have plans to learn Focus Stacking. To see a couple of my HDRI shots, click here and here.

Since I can’t use my D600 for this challenge, I’m sharing my creative future with a macro shot of the camera. My near future this weekend involves shooting some HDRI and Focus Stacked Macros.

My Photographic Future

My Photographic Future

I used my iPhone 4S camera with the macro lens from my Olloclip. The emblem on the camera is about 1/2″ wide and 1/8″ high. To learn more about Olloclip, click here.

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Haiku Sunday #2

Welcome all. Are you ready to get your haiku on?  Here’s our photo for the week and I’ll start the thread. 5-7-5 – I like to count on my fingers.

Cephalopod's Domicile by Cathy Ulrich

Cephalopod’s Domicile by Cathy Ulrich

Hiding Octopus
in coral habitation
keeping eye on me

Now you! I’ll reply in haiku…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Forward

It's Not Over...

It’s Not Over…

I live in Fort Collins, Colorado. The home of New Belgium Brewery and the Tour de Fat. This annual event is now repeated in other cities throughout the U.S., but it is thoroughly embraced in the city of its origin. Ten thousand cyclists dress in their favorite costumes, dress up their bikes, or make crazy adaptations to their bikes. Many create themes and show up in groups as in this shot.  They parade through the streets of Downtown Fort Collins before ending their ride and enjoying live music and New Belgium Beer. Ours is a cycling town with bike paths and bike lanes throughout the city. So Forward it is and as they say: “It’s not over until what?!”

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Unique

Orange Frog Fish by Cathy Ulrich

Orange Frog Fish by Cathy Ulrich

Here’s my interpretation of “Unique” – an elusive and unusual creature that I encountered on my scuba trip to St. Kitts in the Caribbean last summer. This Frogfish was hanging out (literally upside down) on an orange sponge, camouflaged so well that we would have missed it had it not been for our guide’s keen eye. This shot was taken with an Olympus XZ-1 in the Olympus PT-50 housing. I used a Light & Motion Sola 1200 video light and the internal camera flash.

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One More Blog

One more Blog.
Let me read one more Blog.
Just one more Blog
Oh, I could do this forever.

Just more blog,
I’ll only read one more Blog,
I promise, just one more Blog

Then I’ll (fill in the blank)
Go to work,
Go to sleep,
Go workout,
Stop commenting,
Write a post,
Turn off my email,
Ignore the little orange box,
Fix dinner,
Talk to you…

This post is dedicated to my husband, Peter who is amazingly patient with me and my blogging addiction. What other things are calling you to leave your computer and stop BLOGGING? At least for a little while?