The Commenter/Commentator Awards

The Commenter/Commentator Award

This week, Gina V., at Gina’s Professions for PEACE awarded me the blogging Commenter Award. It’s an honor to be recognized by Gina since she is such a wonderful commenter. She encourages dialogue on her site and responds to every comment. She’s truly a role model for all of us!

Now, to pay it forward, I’m pleased to announce my nominations of four fabulous bloggers who inspire me with their posts as well as the commentary that they stimulate and support on their sites as well as mine.

FearNoWeebles – Often humorous, sometimes poignant and always interesting. Madame Weebles has become known in the blogosphere as the founder of the “Hot Dead Guys Sweet Sixteen Tournament.”

JulieHansenIntuitive – Julie shares wonderful intuitive insights and gentle teachings that enlighten and uplift.

ElisaCashiola – A placement designer, Feng Shui master and fabulous photographer, Elisa’s blog is visually appealing and informs of energy in the home and garden.

HealthyandHolistic – A lifestyle blog focusing on healthy choices. One of my recent favorites was a great post on caring for orchids including lovely photos of my favorite house plants.

Thank you all for your contributions to my life. I enjoy our interaction. Your commitment to commentary is what makes the blogosphere rich and rewarding.

Because my nominator, Gina, put it so well, I’m going to simply repeat what she has said about the “rules” for the award:  “A note about rules and such, please know that it is standard practice (and very good for karma ) to thank the one who nominated you and provide a link back to their site in your post. Then to offer your nominees with links to their blogs as well. Other than that, well I am going to stay true to who I really am at heart, and release the need to follow rules to the letter when I know that really, at their essence, awards are simply generated to help us bloggers find other like-minded individuals and share the love around. And please know, all my dear nominees, to feel welcome to participate if it brings you joy. Otherwise allow the compliment and kudos to bring a smile, and then let it go. This is simply about sharing some of our favorite blogs with each other.”