The Elusive Forms of Reality

Eagle Ray's Flight

Eagle Ray’s Flight

I seek truth and beauty in the transparency of an autumn leaf, in the perfect form of a seashell on the beach, in the curve of a woman’s back, in the texture of an ancient tree trunk, but also in the elusive forms of reality.  ~Isabel Allende

Movie Monday – Dolphins!

As we were heading out in the boat for our morning dive, we looked out to the starboard side and saw a huge disturbance on the surface of the water – then dorsal fins. What ensued was a dance between us in the boat and a pod of more than 50 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Horizon



Well this was an easy one! One of my favorite subjects is the horizon on the east side of my home. With our expansive views, I’m always tempted to keep my camera on hand. I hope I’m not boring you with these shots, as I’ve posted many on this site. But how could I resist with this challenge? I have so many in my Lightroom Catalogue!

This particular shot was taken at dusk of an unusual cloud formation. I loved the thin, soft veil on the top of the larger anvil forming as my husband, Peter, says “to hammer the plains” with an evening rainstorm.

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Oh yes, and if you want to get a better view of that veil, click on the photo for a larger image!