Susie Strong

Our friend Susie Lindau is undergoing surgery for breast cancer this morning. Those of us who follow her blog and love her for her wit and humor are banding together to send a message of love and support. We know she’ll be fine and back to blogging, hiking, mountain biking and later in the year, skiing, but today we send healing energy for her complete recovery. Here’s the link to Susie’s blog:

We’re with you, girl!



Wish Me Luck

Open Wide

Open Wide

My sixth dentist in four years
The first one botched a crown,
then wanted to put a filling in
the jaw where the bone had eroded
I didn’t let him but
now I have a 9mm pocket…

The second did help me.
In the second opinion,
he identified my cross-bite.
You need braces, he said,
to save that tooth.
After being tortured
by his hygienist with the
damned Ultrasound thingy
He examined my teeth
through my new braces
and said: Well, you’ll probably
lose that tooth anyway
but at least your teeth will be straight.
Thanks, Bud…

The third, the periodontist,
was great. After looking at my mouth,
he said: You have a very weird bite.
(Really, that’s exactly what he said)
Get that fixed or anything I would do
won’t last…

The fourth, my orthodontist, is a great guy.
Eighteen months of braces
while listening to me whine,
Then Invisaligns, which I’m still wearing.
My teeth are aligning and it’s a great
weight management program to boot.
He’s been with me through all of this
And I am grateful.
The pocket hasn’t gotten worse,
maybe it’s a little better,
and I still have my tooth…

The fifth was my most recent
general dentist. I didn’t see her much
except for an exam where she
always said: You’re stable.
Hmmm, stable.
I guess that’s better than not.
The thing is, she had her hygienist
do so many superfluous tests on me
that she never had time to actually
clean my teeth, except with the
ultrasound thingy – which now
kills me because my teeth are sensitive
from the braces – even when I begged
her not to…

So why did I go four times?
Maybe loyalty, but mostly inertia.
The thought of going through
interviewing and trying another dentist
and telling my story one more time
is just plain daunting.
But I would never treat my own patients
the way I’ve been treated there…

So here I go again.
I see number six today.
Maybe today is different
Maybe this new guy will listen
Maybe he’ll treat me with respect
and just maybe he’ll be a very good dentist…

My Business

Beating Heart by Cathy Ulrich

My Business
My Busyness
Healing, helping, freeing
Teaching. Balancing.

This is my work,
My passion,
My Expertise.
Something I’ve spent
Thirty Years learning
(and counting).

I love doing it, and yet
I need my solitude.

I love the calls, and yet
I feel badly
when I make
wait for an appointment.

But if I don’t take care of myself,
I can’t take care of you.
Know that I care.

It’s a balancing act that,
For the most part,
I do pretty well.

Taking a Break

To my loyal readers:

I’m taking a week-long break and will update you about my adventures next weekend. In the meantime, if you stop by, take a look at some earlier posts, especially some of those in April and May – there are quite a few about energy and healing that you might enjoy.

See you soon!



Bouncing Along

This morning, I woke up with a smile on my face. I said to myself, “I haven’t gone running in my Kangoos in a while. That’s sounds like the perfect thing to do.” So after responding to some email and commenting on a few blogs, I strapped on my Kangoo Jumps and headed out the door.

Kangoos are enormously fun. Think: running on a trampoline for five miles outside on the street! Sometimes when I’m running, I want mostly privacy, a space to be in my thoughts and intuition. But when I run in my Kangoos, I have to decide that there won’t be any privacy on the bike paths because everyone wants to speak to me. They want to know whether running in these rebounder boots is a harder workout – the answer is “Yes!” Are they fun? “Yes”!” Do you have to pay attention to your balance? “Yes!” Do you burn more calories? “Yes!” And yes, what you’re hearing in the video is squeaking – never have figured out how to get rid of that so have just embraced it as part of the experience!

The most important thing for me is this: they bring out the little kid in me. That’s where the spiritual part comes in. I get to be a child again – smiling and laughing as I bounce along. And on those days when I do run in my Kangoos, I’m saying to the world: “This is fun, laugh with me!”

So today, enjoy this summer day (or winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). If you’re in the U.S., however you celebrate our Independence Day, allow yourself some time to feel childlike – a picnic, fireworks, a parade. And if you’re not in the U.S., I hope you can do something fun to lighten your spirit!



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Tribal Vibrations

Photo Courtesy Flickr Creative Commons – some rights reserved by jurvetsen

Last week, I did a remote healing session with Loren (not her real name). I’ve known her for about a year, but it had been some time since we had talked. Loren’s awareness about the origins of her physical manifestations continues to unfold and I was excited to learn of the progress that she had made with the various healing modalities she is employing. She has truly taken charge of her life and choices, and she is learning to relax into her own divinity.

As the session neared a close, she brought up one of her primary challenges, one which many – maybe most people – find difficult to overcome in their path to enlightenment. She said: “Cathy, I’m doing so well when I am with my daughter and friends, but it is much harder to hold my vibration with my parents and sister. I feel like they bring me right back down into the mire with their problems and drama. I don’t want to judge them and I try so hard to let it go, but I feel myself being pulled back. Why is that so challenging? I mean, I love them, but I don’t want to be like them! And, somehow if I’m not being like them, I’m not playing by the rules!”

What is it about family of origin stuff that makes us crazy? And how can we love our families, but remain true to ourselves as interdependent, evolving beings? For Loren and many, I think the vibration of the story, of the history of our tribal roots, loyalty to the family beliefs is the key. And my advice was to drop the story and just see it as a vibrational issue.

Loren has raised her vibration by changing her thoughts, feelings and beliefs about herself, her life, her world. Her new vibrations no longer match those of her family – it’s as if she’s not playing the game anymore. She’s able to hold her vibration except when she is exposed to her family – the “familiar” vibrations. Like a drumming group, one drum beats and the rest follow in rhythm. Except in Loren’s case, she beats out of rhythm with her family now. Since the family vibration is the norm, if she holds to her new, true vibration, she becomes the outcast, so she slips back into the old vibration when she’s with them. Then she becomes angry, frustrated, and feels as if she is at square one -judging them and herself.

I suggested that she simply feel her unique and “unfamiliar” vibration. Know that it’s now different from the family. Continue to love herself and by doing so, she strengthens it, like turning up the volume of the drum. What’s interesting about nature is that oscillating (vibrating) systems that are close enough in frequency will entrain (begin beating together) usually towards the faster one. So if Loren can simply stay in her higher, faster vibration, she may even see behavior changes in her family when she is with them. I cautioned her not to expect this, but just be pleased if she saw it.

I know this idea of holding the vibration without the story of the family drama is somewhat abstract. But the story just pulls us back into the mire. And you know, we can do this with our family, but also our world. The tribe wants to be validated and stay where it is vibrationally. By not giving it the power of the old way of doing things, we may just be able to raise its vibration by pulling it along with us through our own vibratory elevation!

Where have you felt the tribal vibration in your life? And what have you done to move to your own rhythms?

Have a great week!



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012