The Gift

Red Dahlia by Cathy Ulrich

I love the Holidays
The decorations,
The music,
The cold weather,
The food,
The friends,
The family.

Even the cliche
That says:
People are kinder,
Softer, and more selfless.

Even if it were better
If we behaved this way
All year ‘round.

My Mother, Cherie
Taught me to love them
With her childlike delight,
Her collection of Nativities,
Her beautiful gifts,
And her German Chocolate Cake.

I miss you more,
this time of year, Mom.
But now, I can feel the warmth
coming from you across the void,
And send love back.
And that is a great Christmas gift.



Thanksgiving Seems Early

Fortunately we’re going
to Joe’s house
and taking a Caesar salad
with Lemon-Sage Fritters
Masquerading as Croutons.

Joe’s a great cook.
Instead of Turkey,
he’s doing Beef Wellington.
He says he doesn’t want to cook too much,
but for an Italian?

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 22.
And then weirdly,
we have 
another Thursday in November.

Does that mean I have more time
to get ready for Christmas
or just
 another week of Holiday madness?