Vibration and the Law of Attraction

Electromagnet – Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons, some rights reserved by marc.spooner

Anyone who has seen “The Secret” or “What the Bleep Do We Know” is somewhat familiar with the Law of Attraction. The idea that we create what we spend time thinking about or believing is not really new. One of my favorite statements in the New Testament came from Jesus when he said: “It is done unto you as you believe.”

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about vibration as a kind-of magnet that literally pulls to us those things on which we focus. I remember talking with a client recently who gave me this great metaphor for how we attract things to ourselves. And I promised him I would share it…

Most kids learn about electromagnetism by making a simple electro-magnet. If you take an iron nail and wrap it with copper wire, then attach the wire to the leads of a battery, you’ll create an electro-magnet. I remember the delight I felt as a child when I learned that I could do this. I made my magnet and then went around picking up various metal objects. When I wanted to pick up a paper clip, I attached the copper wire to the battery and grabbed the clip. When I wanted to drop the clip, I disconnected the wire and the clip would fall off the nail.

Here’s the thing I find really interesting about this analogy: Our thoughts are literally electromagnetic fields. And we are broadcasting all the time. Just like an electromagnet, we pull things, experiences, relationships, prosperity, health, (or the opposite of these) towards us through our resonant field.

Fortunately, unlike the electromagnet, we rarely attract instantaneously. There seems to be a lag-time when it comes to thoughts and belief patterns. This gives us more leeway to adjust our vibration so we don’t attract every single thing that crosses our mind (thank goodness!). But, over time those habitual patterns or “Vibrational Habits” eventually pull those experiences towards us. The more powerful the magnet, the faster the experience shows up.

So how do you get more proficient at attracting what you want?

  1. Be conscious of what you think. Instead of the mental tape running constantly in the background, notice when and what you’re thinking that magnetizes you to attracting both what you don’t want and what you do want.
  2. Choose what you think and believe. I recently saw a bumper sticker that said: “Don’t believe everything you think.”  When we hold on too dearly to beliefs about ourselves, our world, our families and friends – you name it – we continue to create more of what we’re experiencing.
  3. Disrespect “reality.” Our thoughts can be influenced by the strong beliefs of the collective human experience.  Ever have any of these thoughts?: “The economy affects my ability to earn a living. There are no “good men (women)” out there. I can never get a break. I’ll never lose weight.” These kinds of thoughts have been broadcast to you over and over until you become attached to that vibrational habit. Then you become a magnet for them and continue to support the belief in “reality.”
  4. The magnet does not understand the “Don’t want” part. It just attracts whatever you’re thinking about. So if you’re thinking about what you don’t want, you’ll get that, too!
  5. Relax! Once you’ve set your intention, enjoy the wait as your magnet does the work of bringing your experience to you. You have pointed the nail to that thing that you want to attract and you’ve attached the copper coil. Worrying about it; constantly looking to see if it is coming would be like repeatedly unattaching and then reattaching the coil to see if it’s working. Think about it, you’re just slowing down the process. The magnet’s on, then off, then on, then off, so the poor thing that you’re attracting is constantly getting jolted like a roller coaster being pulled up a steep incline! Once you’ve set things in motion, let the magnet do its job and your desire will get to you sooner.

Thought patterns are simply habits, and I’ve heard it said that it is easier to replace a habit than to eliminate one. So when you find yourself thinking about the negative, shift it. Spend time focusing on what is going well in your life. Feel the gratitude for your job, or your talents, or those you love…or the beautiful day, or the music in your life – whatever gives you joy. My friend Lola Jones calls this Raving. Rave – with lot’s of energy for the good, the great things. Then you become a magnet for more of that.

You are far more powerful than you realize. When you raise your vibration, you amp the battery to that copper coil and your magnet becomes more powerful. Then you become a master of the Law of Attraction (not a victim of it).

Have a great weekend!



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012