Stream of Consciousness Unpacking

Smiling Porcupine Fish – Saba, Netherlands Antilles

Today is one of those lovely days where I have so much to do, but plan to do it via stream of consciousness. You see, I just got back last night from an eight-day trip to the Caribbean Sea. Peter and I spent the time living on a boat with eighteen other Scuba divers and a crew of seven cruising between the islands of St. Kitt’s, Saba and St. Maarten. It was divine…

I’m unpacking dive gear which needs to be rinsed, dried and stored. The washing machine is running nonstop as we clean all the clothes we took to that wet climate. When they came out of the luggage, they were literally cold from the moisture and the contrast between our low humidity and that of the tropics. I have 400 emails to sort through, two big piles of snail mail and I need to make a grocery list and go to Whole Foods. I see weeds in the vegetable garden that I didn’t get to before I left and there is some zucchini that needs picking. Meanwhile, Cielo (my Tonkinese cat) has brought me a toy to throw and there will be lots of playtime required to make up for the week we were away. And all of this seems to happen simultaneously.

Before I start a full week of clients tomorrow, I’m still savoring the time away and the memories of those beautiful places. I travel, not to get away from the life I enjoy here in Colorado, but to experience new things.

Diving is one of my passions along with photographing some of the life that I get to see underwater. So as I sort through the gear and bags, I smile at the glory of our lovely planet. I feel blessed to live in a time where I can travel 3000 miles in a day, don gear and breathe underwater, take photos with a digital camera – and share this post with my friends from around the world.

So enjoy a couple of my shots today. I’ll be posting more later. Gotta get back to unpacking!

Spotted Moray Eel – Saba, Netherlands, Antilles



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