The Most Profound Question

I’ve been wanting to share this video for some time. For those of you who know about Abraham-Hicks, this needs no introduction.

For those of you who don’t, here’s a brief one: Esther Hicks has been channeling Abraham for many years now. She and Abraham have been featured prominently in “What the Bleep Do We Know?” The essence of the teachings in “The Secret” came from Abraham-Hicks (although, unfortunately, they were not given due credit). Their collaboration has produced many, many books focused on The Law of Attraction, but this video is such a vibration raiser that I make a point to go look at it at least every few months.


Tig! I’m it!

My friend, Clare Flourish, tigged me almost two weeks ago. My apologies, Clare, for taking so long to get to this. Excuses aside, I finally have some time to devote to it. I’ve decided to ignore most of the rules of the tig, and do it my way (as Clare says, “So sue me! An appropriate comment from a former Solicitor – Clare, that is). I’m just going to answer her questions. But if you’re curious, you can go to her site and read the rules here.

Clare, part of the reason I have taken so long to write this is that your questions were very open-ended and I needed time to decide how to answer them. I know, you probably wanted a spontaneous answer – oh well…

1. Tell me something I don’t know.

Well, coming from you Clare, I’m not sure there’s much that you don’t know. I’m not kidding! Your intelligence astounds me and I have a pretty high intellect, myself. But, I think you probably meant something you don’t know about me. Hmmm, something you don’t know…I played classical guitar for over ten years, still have my beautiful guitars and if I ever quit doing bodywork, will probably get back to playing (fingernails and bodywork just don’t mix).

2. Tell me who you are.

I am a child of the Universe, continually unfolding, growing and  – honestly, these days, just learning how to be me. Which sometimes isn’t all that easy…but getting better.

3. Tell me what you love.

I think being born a 5-time Scorpio (Sun, Moon and three planets) I’ve come to realize that I love all the vibrations that my senses can show me – food, music, exercise, color, art, writing, reading – drinking in the sensual experiences of this world.

So there you go!



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

The Energy of the Sea

As I mentioned in my last post, we just got back Saturday from our vacation – a week living aboard a Scuba Diving boat in the  central Caribbean – St. Kitt’s and Saba. This was our third time living on a dive boat and there are so many things I love about this kind of trip.

First of all, a Live-aboard is a total immersion (pun intended) into the experience of Scuba. As our captain Tim said, all you do is eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat, dive, eat… and if you so choose, dive again – at night. Also with all the diving, you’re burning calories like mad, so eating is not so guilt ridden.

And it’s so easy! You set up your gear once, and after that, the crew fills your tank at your station. So every dive involves rinsing your mask, putting on a wet suit, strapping on the gear and jumping in. Then you do the dive, come back to the boat, put your gear back in your station, rinse your wetsuit, take a warm shower and you’re ready to go again. It’s like the ultimate being/doing/being experience.

For me, Scuba diving creates a deep connection to our planet like no other. To be below the surface of the ocean, in a totally foreign environment with an explosion of primitive life all around – and I do mean all around – 360 degrees around – reminds me of the powerful creative potential of the Divine. On our fifth day at sea, I spent time scanning the fish and invertebrate identification books onboard. The thousands of species found in those pages, many of which I saw  and some of which I photographed while diving this past week instills a sense of awe for me.

I have often said that I’m just a visitor in those depths, but after this trip, I changed my mind. Yes, I have to get on a boat, strap a tank on my back and breathe through a hose to go to these places, but as you can see from these photos, many of the creatures there let me get very close to them. Here are a couple of spotted file fish, and they were as curious about me as I was about them. I love their energy and curiosity – they somehow knew I wasn’t going to hurt them.

When I dive, I’m very conscious of the fragility of the reef environment. I’m careful to not touch anything and I watch where I place my fins. And the primitive nature of the reef where I’m told life originated and also where life continues to express, is a reminder of my connection to all – coral polyps, sea slugs, jellyfish, lobsters, fish, dolphins – coexist in a place where few get to visit.

Now I’m back on dry land, but I’ll carry that energy with me. And share it with you. Here are a few more pictures. And, by the way, all of the photos I have posted so far are unretouched. I love my new camera and I’ll be talking more about that with more pics next time! Next post: Zen and the Art of Underwater Photography.



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Taking a Break

To my loyal readers:

I’m taking a week-long break and will update you about my adventures next weekend. In the meantime, if you stop by, take a look at some earlier posts, especially some of those in April and May – there are quite a few about energy and healing that you might enjoy.

See you soon!



More Bumper Sticker Philosophy

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. – Albert Einstein.

I have long forgotten where I first heard this phrase and then one day, I saw it on a bumper sticker:

O.K. – Think about it – how many times have you thought something, especially about yourself that you fully and completely bought into? Most of our self-blame, self-deprecating, self-criticizing thoughts came from somewhere. They’re either old tapes from childhood, parents, peers, teachers, who probably meant well – at least on some level. Or, they’re thoughts that you cooked up all by yourself, building on criticisms that you heard along the way.

And what about when your mind slips into judgement about something or someone else? The mind seems to constantly want to label, compare, contrast as a way of controlling and making sense of life. But when that propensity to judge kicks in, we’re often left with either a sense of self-righteousness or some icky feeling that then feeds on our love of self-blame. What better way to validate that you’re a shit if you think bad thoughts about someone?

I think Einstein was right. We honor the rational mind too much. Not only do we honor it, we believe it! Think of all the suffering that could be avoided if we simply told our rational mind to mind its own business.

Here are a few suggestions to help you connect more fully with the intuitive mind and tell that pesky rational mind to take a hike!

  • Become the objective observer. When something is too close, we can’t see all of its dimensions. By mentally stepping back and looking at the situation, we can be more conscious and objective. Then we make better choices.
  • Become more familiar with the vibration of the intuitive mind. Some of the qualities of the intuitive mind (LargeSelf, Higher Self) are kindness, love, objectivity, and a bigger picture. It’s that feeling that says: “I don’t see me (them) as bad or scary.”
  • Remember to be in your body. When you find yourself believing thoughts that feel icky,  stop, breathe, come into the present moment. From that place, you can slow down the mental chatter and take back your power.
  • Have a conversation with yourself. Yes, it’s okay to do that – we all do. When a negative thought comes blasting in, you can say: “Interesting point of view. Thank you very much. I’ll consider it, but for right now I’m going to do something else.”
  • As you practice all of the above, notice how your thought patterns begin to shift. Over time, you’ll realize that you have replaced scary, negative thoughts with more loving, kind thoughts. After all, believing everything you think is just a habit. Once you start to changing that habit, you’ll be able to build on it.

So remember, your rational mind is a great tool. But it is just that – a tool. And sometimes it can be a tool (grin)!  Use it to do math problems, read, learn information. But don’t believe it. Because it wants you to give it your power. Just say no…



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Bumper Sticker Philosophy

I love great bumper stickers. I love to drive up behind a car and see what saying someone thought important or funny enough to stick on the back of their car. Don’t you find yourself wondering about the person driving that car? I do. I find I’m curious about their interests, their philosophies, prejudices? Mind you, I don’t put bumper stickers on my cute little periwinkle blue, two-seater, Chrysler Crossfire. But if I had an old clunker, there are some “keepers” that I’d be tempted to plaster there. This is one of them:

So, here’s my take on Karma and Dogma:

  • Often called the Law of Cause and Effect, Karma is the vibration that we emit habitually through our thoughts and beliefs
  • Our habitual vibration acts as a magnet to attract to us experiences that match our beliefs and thoughts
  • While karma is often thought to be the effect of actions taken (cause), those less-than-optimal actions result from beliefs (fears mostly) that would show up as “bad” karma
  • Good karma also shows up as an outpicturing of thoughts and beliefs. Love, kindness, positive energy
  • Karma is not some reward or punishment for past deeds. It is simply the reflection of a vibration which can be changed at any time.
  • Dogma is typically a set of beliefs imposed by others and accepted without question.
  • Dogmatic adherence to beliefs can definitely manifest as cause and effect – aka Karma

So, to become more conscious and to rise above any pattern of Karma here are a few suggestions:

  • Question your beliefs. Look at where they came from and decide whether they still serve you.
  • Disrespect reality! It is just the outpicturing of your beliefs up to now.
  • Choose your thoughts and beliefs wisely.
  • Learn from your mistakes and in the process be gentle with yourself.
  • Stop telling yourself scary stories from the past. The story keeps you stuck in the belief in “reality” and your beliefs about yourself.

Yes, while I do think there is a basic law whether you call it Cause and Effect or the Law of Attraction, it is simply a reflection of your beliefs, thoughts and vibration.  And know this: you can change your vibration and therefore your karma in a single moment…



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Be Where Your Body Is

Last week, during our monthly Energy Healing Course call, Lisa shared her recent experiences with our physical energy healing process. Swallowing back a few tears, she told us of a new awakening. After years of spiritual practice, Lisa suddenly realized last month that she was still mostly fixed in a mental/intellectual pattern of self-judgement. The shift happened when she began focusing more on her body through the physical healing techniques she’s learning in the course.

I teach a kinesthetic approach to intuition and healing, and Lisa related that her new abilities to feel physical sensations brings her more into her body and out of her intellectual mind. Suddenly she realizes that she’s a Divine being in a Divine body. Many of her old perceptions of herself and her life are no long longer important and the physical sensations that she’s experiencing are leading her into new levels of enlightenment.

Lisa’s revelations brought me back to something I’ve known for many years, but it had become so much a part of my own being, my own way of working and healing, that I had literally taken it for granted. Her message is this: our bodies are our direct route to the Divine. Blessed with a huge array of receptors specifically tuned to feel and interpret vibration, when we can quiet the mind and feel – physically feel – the information of the Universe opens to us in ways that cannot be described in words.

Many spiritual traditions incorporate body-centered practices as a way of quieting the mind and bringing the spirit into the present moment. Walking meditation, focusing on the breath, bell or chime ringing, candle gazing, hatha yoga, tai chi – all of these practices help to move us from our intellectual mind into our bodies and in that space, we truly feel the vibrations of our existence.

So – what better way of being body centered than through the process of practicing physical healing? I often say to my clients that I’m incredibly blessed to get to be fully present for twenty-one hours a week (the number of sessions that I typically do). To do my best work, I listen actively, I use my eyes to read the structural patterns in the body, and I use my hands to feel for energy imbalances as well as physical restrictions through palpation. It’s that place of the curious and objective observer (senser) that allows me to glean information, interpret it and act – all the while including my own thoughts, feelings and intuition in the mix.

This isn’t to say, that everyone needs to be a healer in order to be enlightened or happy. But in our world where many spend most of their day in front of a computer screen, simply allowing oneself to feel from a body-centered place, even while typing at a keyboard can bring us back to the present moment.

One of my favorite sayings is this: Be where your body is. If you’re typing on the computer, allow yourself to feel your fingertips touching the keys. If you’re eating lunch, sit down and feel as you take a bite – the texture, taste, temperature, visual appeal of the food. And if you’re doing healing – notice your client and yourself in the interaction. How are they breathing – how are you breathing? How do your hands feel as you touch them or scan their energy field? How does your body feel as you move during the session?

And what other ways can you tune into this marvelous array of sensory receptors in your body to bring you into the present moment and the Divine in your daily life?

Much Love,


P.S. – Thank you, Lisa for the inspiration for this post. You have reminded me of something I do all the time, but it has become so ingrained that I forgot to mention it! Love you! Cathy

©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

The Energy of a Smile

On a beautiful spring day in 2010, Peter and I went with Angie and Soraia for a hike in our nearby mountains. Only a twenty minute drive from Fort Collins, Bobcat Ridge Open Space hosts trails that wind through grasslands and into the foothills overlooking town As we walked the two Rotary high school exchange students strolled ahead of us and chatted as teenage girls do.

Because Bobcat Ridge is so close to town, quite a few people were on the trail that day. Mountain Bikers, people on horseback and hikers like us were enjoying the space, the day, the chance to get out and be in nature. And almost without exception as we passed each one, we got a smile, eye contact, and a lovely “Hello,” which we returned in kind. It’s something that most seem to do out here, especially on the trails.

After the fifteenth person passed, smiled and spoke, Angie, who is from Buenos Aires, Argentina, slowed her pace, turned to us and said: “You know, when I first came here I wondered about this habit. One day, as I was riding on the bike path through town with my host dad, I asked him: “So do you just know everyone here?”

As we all laughed together, I was struck by the beauty of this message. Our willingness to share a smile and a nod on these lovely natural trails reminds me of the yogic salutation – “Namaste.” It is usually accompanied by the gesture of placing the palms together in a prayer position and holding them over one’s heart while making eye contact. Loosely translated, Namaste means: “The Divine in me recognizes and honors the Divine in you.”

I know that in large cities like Angie’s, where people live in close proximity, the culture dictates a certain level of privacy. Speaking to and smiling at everyone on the street would be considered rude or even worse, crazy. But out in nature, and in my smaller community, I find this simple habit makes the hike a richer experience…

How do you feel when guided to share a smile and a nod in your daily adventures?

©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Law of Attraction Stories

Today, Molly Player at Stories and Truth honored me by reposting my two part post about how I met my dear husband Peter. She has dedicated her WordPress site to stories about the Law of Attraction and was actually the impetus for my writing this story in the first place.

You can find the complete story here and the following is her introduction. Enjoy!

In February of this year, I wrote down the following sentence in my prayer journal:

“I have the ability to write books quickly, exactly as they should be the first time.”

Four days after writing that affirmation, I got inspired with a new story idea. I sat down and started writing and I finished an entire 20,000-word story in one week.

It was the first time in my life I have ever written something of such substantial length so quickly.

I remember the night that I completed it. My husband and I went to a dance club and I felt so good. I just danced and danced and didn’t care what anyone thought of me or how I looked because I’d just, that day, accomplished something that I was so proud of, and so quickly.

I was in awe of God and of this thing we call the law of attraction.

But there was more… Read Wednesday’s post for part two of this saga!

Blessings to you,

Mollie Player