Movie Monday – Skiing at Breck

Come with me down Columbia Ski Run at Breckenridge, Colorado. We’ll ride the lift up, get off the lift (while avoiding the very large guy who decided to walk in front of exiting skiers), ski the run and finally negotiate the crowd and lift line at the bottom. Well, it really wasn’t much of a line – the only lift on the mountain that didn’t host a large crowd.

Movie Monday – Reef Life

Still getting used to the GoPro, but here’s my latest attempt – footage from our recent dives in Bonaire. We’re going skiing this coming weekend, so stay tuned for next week’s Movie Monday. And have a great week!

Movie Monday – Dolphins!

As we were heading out in the boat for our morning dive, we looked out to the starboard side and saw a huge disturbance on the surface of the water – then dorsal fins. What ensued was a dance between us in the boat and a pod of more than 50 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. Enjoy!

Movie Monday – A Vlog

Okay, so I succumbed to the GoPro craze. I know, it’s silly. But I do love cameras, and I am going diving soon, and I do ski, and I do ride my bike, and I do hike, and I live in a beautiful place. So here it is, my first Vlog – a video of my short bike ride on the Spring Creek Trail here in Fort Collins. While most of the trail looks as if it is out in the wilderness, it actually runs right through the center of town. These are shots from my ride on a short stretch of the southwest end of the trail yesterday. Enjoy!

Bouncing Along

This morning, I woke up with a smile on my face. I said to myself, “I haven’t gone running in my Kangoos in a while. That’s sounds like the perfect thing to do.” So after responding to some email and commenting on a few blogs, I strapped on my Kangoo Jumps and headed out the door.

Kangoos are enormously fun. Think: running on a trampoline for five miles outside on the street! Sometimes when I’m running, I want mostly privacy, a space to be in my thoughts and intuition. But when I run in my Kangoos, I have to decide that there won’t be any privacy on the bike paths because everyone wants to speak to me. They want to know whether running in these rebounder boots is a harder workout – the answer is “Yes!” Are they fun? “Yes”!” Do you have to pay attention to your balance? “Yes!” Do you burn more calories? “Yes!” And yes, what you’re hearing in the video is squeaking – never have figured out how to get rid of that so have just embraced it as part of the experience!

The most important thing for me is this: they bring out the little kid in me. That’s where the spiritual part comes in. I get to be a child again – smiling and laughing as I bounce along. And on those days when I do run in my Kangoos, I’m saying to the world: “This is fun, laugh with me!”

So today, enjoy this summer day (or winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere). If you’re in the U.S., however you celebrate our Independence Day, allow yourself some time to feel childlike – a picnic, fireworks, a parade. And if you’re not in the U.S., I hope you can do something fun to lighten your spirit!



©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012

Moving Energy!

I have a new creative medium – YouTube! After I taught myself (with the help of to edit the videos for my online healing course, I decided to try my hand at a promotional piece. Lola Jones suggested it. She felt that a video would help people to feel the energy of the course.

It’s one thing to edit a video for the purposes of teaching – it’s quite another to tell a story in a short piece – like three minutes or so. The video on The Healing Course page of this site was my first attempt. I wrote a script, went through clips and photos from the course and even added music.

It blows me away to find all the resources I needed to complete this project on the Internet. When I showed Peter the video – and bear in mind that he is extremely computer savvy – he said: “Where did you get the music? That’s awesome!” Smugly, I said,“I Googled “background music for videos.” I got pages of hits.” What was even more amazing was when I uploaded the video onto YouTube, within an hour there had been about twenty views! Now, I realize twenty views is not exactly a viral video, but I wondered as I watched the number rise (it’s about 400 now after a month) how people found the video so quickly. I guess through searches just like I found the music…

Anyway, this week Lola recommended that I try another video of just clips from the class. Something that would strongly communicate the energy. So yesterday, I sat down and tried it again. There are a few things I want to change for the final product, but here’s what I came up with. What do you think?

Man, I would have never dreamed that I would have so much fun producing videos!??? I mean I paint and now do digital art. I weave and knit. I cook. I garden. I play piano. But videos? And here’s the thing – it’s really, really fun! What a great metaphor for moving energy – videos. Who would’a thought?

Have a great weekend.


©CathyUlrich and LargeSelf, 2012