The Energy Healing Course

Get Ready for An Exciting Adventure!

Cathy takes you on a fascinating journey into the magic and miracles of the body, and what’s possible beyond ordinary reality, here on the physical plane. But it’s not just theory, it’s grounded in practical reality, and you’ll use it in your practice, or with your friends and family, or even for the betterment of your own health.

This Online Virtual Training Course and Retreat is designed to attune you to Universal Healing Frequencies and to teach you how to effectively apply these frequencies for the physical healing of your clients, family, friends and yourself. You will feel good just from spending time in this retreat.

Along the way, you’ll progress through these three levels:

Attuning to the Healing Frequencies

You’ll attune to the Healing Frequencies through readings, audios, videos and Vibrational Attunements to enhance your awareness, abilities and understanding of vibrational physical healing.

Appreciating the intricacies of the physical/emotional body 

You’ll learn about physical and emotional “dictionaries” that can help you to more accurately identify less-than-optimal physical vibrational habits. Then you can facilitate healthy vibrational patterns through the Energy Healing Frequencies.  Specifically, we’ll develop an understanding of basic human anatomy and physical/emotional associations while increasing your own sensory and intuitive awareness.

Advanced Healing Techniques

Get ready to Rock and Roll!  You’ll bring everything together to do advanced in-person healings, remote holographic healings and self holographic healings while identifying emotional vibration habits and, when appropriate, date when those vibrational patterns were fixed in the physical body. While the details and stories aren’t necessarily important, just knowing when and what occurred that produced the physical/emotional pattern, the recipient/client can often quickly shift that vibration and make room for a new and healthier way of being.
Here’s an outline of the course:
  • A healer’s journey – Cathy’s personal experiences with the Energy Healing Frequencies
  • What is physical healing, exactly?
  • Activation of the frequencies so you can start using them
  • The basic healing techniques
  • How these Healing Frequencies are different
  • What do we mean by vibration?
  • How the body responds to vibrational therapies
  • Using intention in physical healing
  • Misconceptions about energy boundaries and what they “really” are
  • Integrating Energy Healing into your therapy practice
  • The “Science” of Frequency Healing
  • Developing sensory skills
  • Anatomy of the internal organs
  • Guided movement processes to increase your inner awareness and intuition
  • Theories abut Intuition and inner awareness
  • Understanding how we hold emotions in the physical body
  • Dictionaries of the emotional causes of illness and how to identify them
  • When to seek professional support for emotional issues
  • Dating when a traumatic event may have become fixed in the body and how to gently introduce this to the client/recipient
  • The Holographic Universe – the “Science” around our understanding of reality
  • Remote physical healing
  • Physical Healing for animals
  • Healing yourself and when to get outside healing help
  • Stories of Healings
  • Extensive Questions and Answers from “Live” Class Members
  • A complete bibliography of references and further reading
  • Access to the Healing Forum
  • Free Monthly Teleconference Calls and recordings of each
To learn more and register go to:

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  3. Excited to see this is up!!! Looks so great Cathy! The more you can share your gifts and healing energy the better. Many, many blessings to you. Love. -Julie

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